Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Chris!

Sunday was Chris' 27th birthday! We spent the day hanging out together, we had plans to have family in for the weekend but sadly last week Otto caught a virus that covered him in spots and was quite possibly German measles. He is fully recovered now thank goodness and no longer looks like a little leopard baby:)
We started off the day with breakfast (in bed for Chris) and then went to church.
Every week Otto has a blast 'sorting' the tapes and cds, today I had the camera so I took a few pictures. He is getting pretty brave and today was holding a tape in each hand and letting go while standing. Eek! Thankfully the woman who runs the tape room is a grandmother many times over and doesn't mind his help:)
After getting home from church (and a nap!) we had lunch with watermelon for dessert. Watermelon is Chris' favorite fruit and he was excited for Otto to try it. We weren't disappointed with his reaction, he loved it too!

We stripped him down to just his diaper and gave him a piece on the back porch to control the mess.
What is this stuff?
At first he wasn't sure what to do with it so Chris showed him that it was edible.
After finding out that it was delicious, he wanted to hold it himself.
But soon realized that it was slippery and heavy so he resorted to an alternative method. :)
Watermelon is good stuff!
We turned on the sprinkler when he was done for a quick outside shower--he was covered in juice!

The sprinkler wasn't as much fun as the watermelon, but I'm sure when the weather (and water) gets a little warmer he will love it.

This post would have been up on Sunday evening but that evening after dinner we made a spontaneous decision to visit East Texas, and left 28 minutes later.Crazy yes, but we had a blast and are now home, sunburned and exhausted. Pictures of all the fun coming tomorrow!

PS: Happy third anniversary to us!

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  1. Happy, Happy Anniversary Chris and Lydia! So glad we got to spend time together this week end and what a great time we had! Love all three of you and so glad you are spontaneous :-)