Saturday, May 7, 2011

First (Real) Fever

Our poor little munchkin has the crud. The real crud, not to be confused with my past freak-outs over a 98.7 temperature brought on by teething.
Otto woke up yesterday feeling grouchy, and by the afternoon had a fever of 103. He is stuffy, but doesn't have a runny nose, exhibiting general crankiness, and seems to have a headache. His appetite has been off too, yesterday the only thing he actually wanted was a potato chip and when I gave him one (He hadn't eaten anything all day! Don't hate!) he licked the salt off and tossed the rest. So today we are giving him a little Pedialyte, strawberries (his favorite), extra snuggle time (my favorite), and Motrin. We feel terrible that he is sick but to be honest getting to cuddle with our independent little boy has been nice. When Chris got home from work Otto actually wanted his Daddy to hold him (not play) instead of me!

::insert rant:: I called the advice nurse at our pediatrician's office hoping to find out what bug is going around and the best way to treat it, and while she offered some helpful information she was sooo condescending while giving it. I understand that they talk to a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and educations. But good grief, I would assume that most mommies out there are older than five and didn't just crawl out from under a rock! Dr. Google will my on-call nurse from now on. ::rant over::

UPDATE: Otto seems to be feeling much better! His fever topped out at 103.9, (Yes, I totally freaked and crawled right into the shower with him.) but he is significantly cooler now (100.4) and has eaten, napped, and is now playing with his toys. I thought it was drool dripping off his chin, but nope, I have never been so excited about drainage! Better out than in, here's to avoiding an ear infection!


  1. Aaawwee. Well at least he's cuddly.

  2. Poor guy! Hope he feels better soon. Hang in there Lydia(and Chris)!

  3. Awwwww, I hate when my kids are sick! FYI: Children's/Adult/Baby Motrin was recalled in Feb. You may want to dump it. It's too concentrated for children. And there was HIGH levels of lead in the adult formula. Advil is fine, and generic is even better. (from the pharmacist @ Target)