Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crazy Boy

Otto is a crazy fun mess right now. His eighth tooth (bottom right lateral) came through yesterday and his mood has done an about face since. It is very obvious that he is feeling better. He eating, playing, laughing, talking more and napping less.
Over the last few days we have really been able to see a glimpse of the little boy he is rapidly becoming. Since learning to stand that's all he is interested in doing, crawling is only for finding something to pull up on. We moved the coffee table out of the living room so he will have to crawl at least three feet before pulling up on the couch/chair/wardrobe. He tries to pull up on everything, today he even tried to figure out how to stand by himself. In the kitchen, on the tile, no less. He made it to downward facing dog before collapsing. And standing isn't enough of a thrill, once he's up he cruses the furniture or lets go! Three seconds is his record before plopping down on his bottom. I had a mini heart attack in those three seconds.

He really is so much fun. Being chased is hilarious to him now and he will wiggle away as fast as he can, laughing the entire time. Bath time is quite the event. You need four hands (at least) to keep him from wiping out and going under. This series of pictures was taken in about three seconds. (Chris was reaching for the shampoo.)

The one finger test (second picture) is still going strong. Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch and he was playing on the floor when I felt a little finger poking my foot and then CHOMP all eight of his teeth sank into my big toe. Ouch!

I'm a little worried that we are going to skip the crawling stage and go straight to walking. I was sure that he would need time to gain confidence while standing but this kid has no fear. Today he tried to climb into the wardrobe, but only succeeded in pulling out the card games. Any suggestions on how to slow him down? Or at least encourage him to give crawling a little more attention?


  1. When Sam first got really mobile, I thought I would never have enough energy to keep up. I thought surely my kid was the worst in the world because she got into EVERYthing she wasn't supposed to. But after about a month of a worn out mommy (and telling her no, chasing her down, diving to stop her) things seem better. She's learning to have fun with her toys (or at least safe things) even though she crawls and pulls up on everything.
    So suggestions on how to slow Otto down? None. But hang in there, it will become managable soon :-)

  2. Heehee. He's sooo -o-o-o-o cutteee! :D Getting big! The tub has like mini-tidal waves!

  3. He is so big! I love the one finger test...hilarious! Love y'all!!