Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Happy Birthday Chris!

Sunday was Chris' 27th birthday! We spent the day hanging out together, we had plans to have family in for the weekend but sadly last week Otto caught a virus that covered him in spots and was quite possibly German measles. He is fully recovered now thank goodness and no longer looks like a little leopard baby:)
We started off the day with breakfast (in bed for Chris) and then went to church.
Every week Otto has a blast 'sorting' the tapes and cds, today I had the camera so I took a few pictures. He is getting pretty brave and today was holding a tape in each hand and letting go while standing. Eek! Thankfully the woman who runs the tape room is a grandmother many times over and doesn't mind his help:)
After getting home from church (and a nap!) we had lunch with watermelon for dessert. Watermelon is Chris' favorite fruit and he was excited for Otto to try it. We weren't disappointed with his reaction, he loved it too!

We stripped him down to just his diaper and gave him a piece on the back porch to control the mess.
What is this stuff?
At first he wasn't sure what to do with it so Chris showed him that it was edible.
After finding out that it was delicious, he wanted to hold it himself.
But soon realized that it was slippery and heavy so he resorted to an alternative method. :)
Watermelon is good stuff!
We turned on the sprinkler when he was done for a quick outside shower--he was covered in juice!

The sprinkler wasn't as much fun as the watermelon, but I'm sure when the weather (and water) gets a little warmer he will love it.

This post would have been up on Sunday evening but that evening after dinner we made a spontaneous decision to visit East Texas, and left 28 minutes later.Crazy yes, but we had a blast and are now home, sunburned and exhausted. Pictures of all the fun coming tomorrow!

PS: Happy third anniversary to us!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Ten Months!

Today Otto celebrated turning 10 months and his Uncle Michael turning 16 years old! Good day!
He is a crawling/climbing madman and loves to be chased, especially if he has something he shouldn't have. But even with his super star skills in the crawling department, for some reason he still can't/won't crawl over door frames. The six inch shower stall lip? No problem, but going from inside to outside or vice versa doesn't happen yet, which I am a-okay with. If one of the off limits rooms (bedrooms, baths, laundry) door has accidentally been left open, its a guarantee that he knows and in 3.2 seconds will be pulling books off the shelves or wiggling under the bed. Over the past month he has learned to gingerly lower himself back to the sitting position from standing instead of just letting go and plopping down. This has boosted his confidence and he now cruises from one piece of furniture to the next.
He has started waving, choosing a little old lady in the grocery store as the lucky first person. She didn't even think I was crazy for spazzing out about it, just agreed that he was definitely waving:) He has since waved for his Dad and when I put him in his car seat to go bye-bye.

This is his cheese face, although generally his eyes are squished shut too:)  
He is becoming more expressive of his needs. When he's hungry you can definitely tell, he will climb into my lap hugging, kissing, and helping himself.  Eek! It's funny, but awkward as well. He loves his people and seems to know when Chris should be home from work. Yesterday, about 5:45, he was cruising the living room furniture asking for 'Mama' and he was not talking about me. When Chris does get home, Otto lights up and can't wait to play with his dad. At bedtime, and sometimes naps, he will find me, crawl into my lap and rub his head on my shoulder telling me he wants to go to sleep.

His hair is CRAZY. A haircut is in the future, just as soon as his Grandmother gets to see his curls one more time.(Mom, please come visit!)
This month he discovered spaghetti which he loves. He prefers foods with strong flavors and still doesn't like green beans but zucchini is a favorite.We still nurse at least five times a day and once at night, and he eats two meals (lunch and dinner) with snacks throughout the day.

He has mastered buzzing his lips, and when I'm driving the car I can hear him in the back blowing raspberries. Strange noises make him laugh, power tools are still a favorite, but the broom is a close second.  He also loves sneezing (something that happens a lot for our allergy prone guy) and grins every time he does.
We love this little man!

Monday, May 23, 2011

Otto's First Word!

It's official, he talks!

Tonight when Chris walked in the door from work Otto started beaming and squealed, "Mama!".

He has been using the repetitive mamamama syllable for awhile as an expression of want. Like when he is chasing a toy across the living room or when you are eating something and he wants a taste. Chris has been coaching him associate the word with me, but obviously that plan backfired and Daddy is now a 'Mama':)

Friday, May 20, 2011

How do you stop them from climbling?!

Otto has a new skill. Climbing.

Notice how he looks at me to make sure it's okay, generally this isn't allowed.

The fireplace is his favorite target, and he is not deterred by anything. Yesterday he even fell off resulting in this lovely injury.
(The inflammation has gone down and it is now three small scratches.) (He also face planted into the entryway tile and bit his lip pretty severely. Yesterday was a rough day for us both.)

I've tried just about everything...creating a barrier with toys, padding, distractions, punishments...it's just too tempting. Any ideas on how to teach him not to climb/use caution or how to make the bricks baby safe?

The fireplace is just the beginning, today I chased him into the bathroom where he tried to climb into the tub. This evening after dinner he hopped up on the coffee table chasing a graham cracker. And he was so proud of himself:) Doesn't he know that skills like these will give his mother gray hair?
(He's not always naked, promise! But the little daredevil does seem to come out in him during outfit changes.)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

This is Our House: (Otto's Room)

When we found out we were having a boy, I decided right away that we wouldn't go with the traditional blue and white theme. I had grand plans for grey with lots of textures and elephants. Ha! What did we end up with? Blue and white, and I love it:)
Otto seems to like it too. The flags above the crib are a recent addition, he is attracted flags/banners/signs when we are in stores or schools so a few weeks ago we added some to his room. The pictures above the bed and toy box were all taken by Sarah:)
His curtains and corner chair were in our living room while in college, I found them at Ikea. The mirror is from Pier One and used to be in the living room as well. Otto's Nana found and refinished the changing table and dresser for us, both of which worked perfectly with the crib that we found on Craigslist. The crib converts into a toddler bed and then to a full, which I am excited about because I love it's shape.

The door on the right goes into the hall. Otto's toy box was a Christmas gift from his Nana and the center strip is magnetic. As soon as he stops chewing on things for fun we will break out the alphabet magnets that came with it!
Hopefully I will be able to find a chair that will fit the little activity table, but for now it just holds the fan we use for white noise and book overflow from the dresser. In the future we will probably transition to a full size dresser and exchange the changing table with a bookcase.

(Excuse the photo quality of this post, I was using the point and shoot while he napped, and I stink at picture taking.)

Sunday, May 15, 2011

Otto's First Rangers Game!

Today we took Otto to his first Rangers game. It took him a few minutes to adjust to the noise level, but he did great and I think he had a wonderful time. He was exhausted when we left, three minutes into the drive home he crashed, tired boy!
Yes, we are totally styling matching outfits. I figure I better get in my matching outfit while he is still young, before he can protest! 

The entire day was so much fun, not only was the weather perfect, but there was lots of wonderful company and we snagged possibly the best parking spot available. We were the last car to pull into lot M, and because they had oversold the lot, we were told to park along the edge of the lot directly in front of the ballpark! Perfect!
 Can't you tell I was excited about the parking? :)
Our group. Lots of little ones and their families. We went with with the other couples from our Bradley class and their babies. We missed you Connelly family!
We ran into my older sister's college roommate, how fun is that? She was sitting just a few rows behind us. Amy got to meet Otto for the first time and he thought she was pretty neat. 
Joss' parents were the masterminds behind the day. Thank you guys for putting it together, we had a great time! 
Miss Jocelyn has a new trick, when you point the camera in her direction she cheeses! So cute!
William and his parents were also there. The Strange family!
William has exciting news, in December he will be a big brother! Woohoo!
We left at the top of the ninth because Otto was past exhausted but too distracted to nap. Right in front of our car there were a couple of guys promoting Dr Pepper and giving samples. I grabbed one for the ride home. Woot! A wonderful end to a fun day! (And the Rangers won!)

Saturday, May 14, 2011

This is Our House (The Dining Room)

This is our dining room. Clean, simple, and functional.
Our home has an open floor plan, and the dining room is attached to both the kitchen and living room. For the stage of life we are in now, this design is perfect. I can make dinner or tidy the main rooms of the house while Otto plays. It is also great to have such a large space for him to explore, while the bedrooms and bathrooms that aren't as baby friendly are closed off. The dining room is at the back of the house facing West. It's window overlooks the back porch.
Chris made the benches and his mother made the table.  The photo shelves Chris made from a plan that I found on Ana-white.com, and of course Sarah took all the pictures! The buffet is actually a dresser that we inherited from Chris' best friend's parents, if it ever migrates back into a bedroom I will reattach the gorgeous matching mirror. The rug under the table is from Lowe's, a patio rug for easy clean-up.
Now, I need your opinion. I have grand upgrade plans for this room. The goal is to add a little detail and warmth, beyond the basic builder boring, while adding a distinct separation of the dining room from the living room. (They share a large wall, 29x10.) I want to do something similar to this, but Chris is a little iffy on the idea. Thoughts? Sugesstions? DAD, THIS IS WHERE YOU COMMENT, OKAY? The main goal is to add detail to the room without clutter.

This is what the little munchkin was doing while I uploaded these photos,  isn't he the cutest? Even sleeping he's adorable:)

Friday, May 13, 2011

This should have posted yesterday but Blogger was being silly...

So apparently I've been slacking on blogging...There just really hasn't been that much to write about. Otto passed his head cold on to me, so for the past few days we have been laying low at home. This morning I took him to the pediatrician to make sure that he wasn't getting a secondary infection in his ears. Although he hasn't had a fever since Sunday, he has been pulling on his ears and waking up several times at night. But thankfully they are just fine. He does have fluid in his ear canal that is causing pressure on his ear drum, but the doctor believes that it is being caused by congestion, not by a bacterial infection. I agree. We were sent home with a prescription for an antibiotic just in case his fever returns this weekend, and a recommendation for an antihistamine to make him more comfortable while he heals. Pray he continues to recover quickly? 
He fell asleep on the ride home and because I practice the 'never wake a sleeping baby' method, he finished his nap in his car seat in the garage.  Chris was a little appalled by this I think, but it’s really just the room in the house where we store the lawn mower. (Garage door was shut, house and car doors were open, it was seventy-five degrees outside, and he probably slept better with his head and shoulders elevated because his sinus issues...he was fine.)
This afternoon we went for a walk around the neighborhood. It has been rainy for the last few days so today was our first walk in quite awhile. Poor guy was still tugging away at his ears. 
With the sudden lack of things to blog about I've decided to do a room by room home tour. Super interesting (ha!) but it will force me to finish hanging pictures and move yard sale boxes to the garage. First up, the dining room because it's small and easy to clean;)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

We had a great day at home! Otto is feeling much better, but was still a little warm this morning so we stayed home from church. After taking a couple of great naps, we played outside for a little bit before bedtime.
We recently upgraded printers and Otto has been enjoying the box. Instant fort!

Isn't his hair hilarious? It just does its own thing. Newly washed and combed it is straight, but add any humidity and it goes nuts. The curls are the only thing saving him from a haircut:)

He loves being outside and thinks the grass is fascinating. Sitting/standing in it isn't a problem, but crawling is another story. He doesn't like his knees to touch the grass, so being the inventive little guy that he is he has developed an alternative method.
While we were outside I started working on the nightstands that we found for the guest room. We got them for a steal because they need quite a bit of work. Sanding, paint, new hardware, and all but one of the drawers needs to be glued back together. Sounds like fun to me!

I love their shape and size. They are going to work perfectly in the room, even Chris commented that it is starting to come together and that he wouldn't mind it being our room. He was probably just being nice because it's Mother's day, but heck, I'll take it! When I get the room put back together I'll post pictures and you guys can be brutally honest with me, okay?

Happy Mother's day!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

First (Real) Fever

Our poor little munchkin has the crud. The real crud, not to be confused with my past freak-outs over a 98.7 temperature brought on by teething.
Otto woke up yesterday feeling grouchy, and by the afternoon had a fever of 103. He is stuffy, but doesn't have a runny nose, exhibiting general crankiness, and seems to have a headache. His appetite has been off too, yesterday the only thing he actually wanted was a potato chip and when I gave him one (He hadn't eaten anything all day! Don't hate!) he licked the salt off and tossed the rest. So today we are giving him a little Pedialyte, strawberries (his favorite), extra snuggle time (my favorite), and Motrin. We feel terrible that he is sick but to be honest getting to cuddle with our independent little boy has been nice. When Chris got home from work Otto actually wanted his Daddy to hold him (not play) instead of me!

::insert rant:: I called the advice nurse at our pediatrician's office hoping to find out what bug is going around and the best way to treat it, and while she offered some helpful information she was sooo condescending while giving it. I understand that they talk to a wide variety of people from different backgrounds and educations. But good grief, I would assume that most mommies out there are older than five and didn't just crawl out from under a rock! Dr. Google will my on-call nurse from now on. ::rant over::

UPDATE: Otto seems to be feeling much better! His fever topped out at 103.9, (Yes, I totally freaked and crawled right into the shower with him.) but he is significantly cooler now (100.4) and has eaten, napped, and is now playing with his toys. I thought it was drool dripping off his chin, but nope, I have never been so excited about drainage! Better out than in, here's to avoiding an ear infection!

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Crazy Boy

Otto is a crazy fun mess right now. His eighth tooth (bottom right lateral) came through yesterday and his mood has done an about face since. It is very obvious that he is feeling better. He eating, playing, laughing, talking more and napping less.
Over the last few days we have really been able to see a glimpse of the little boy he is rapidly becoming. Since learning to stand that's all he is interested in doing, crawling is only for finding something to pull up on. We moved the coffee table out of the living room so he will have to crawl at least three feet before pulling up on the couch/chair/wardrobe. He tries to pull up on everything, today he even tried to figure out how to stand by himself. In the kitchen, on the tile, no less. He made it to downward facing dog before collapsing. And standing isn't enough of a thrill, once he's up he cruses the furniture or lets go! Three seconds is his record before plopping down on his bottom. I had a mini heart attack in those three seconds.

He really is so much fun. Being chased is hilarious to him now and he will wiggle away as fast as he can, laughing the entire time. Bath time is quite the event. You need four hands (at least) to keep him from wiping out and going under. This series of pictures was taken in about three seconds. (Chris was reaching for the shampoo.)

The one finger test (second picture) is still going strong. Yesterday, I was sitting on the couch and he was playing on the floor when I felt a little finger poking my foot and then CHOMP all eight of his teeth sank into my big toe. Ouch!

I'm a little worried that we are going to skip the crawling stage and go straight to walking. I was sure that he would need time to gain confidence while standing but this kid has no fear. Today he tried to climb into the wardrobe, but only succeeded in pulling out the card games. Any suggestions on how to slow him down? Or at least encourage him to give crawling a little more attention?