Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We had a great day today, which was quite the change from yesterday. Otto, poor guy, spent the better part of the day tossing his cookies and doing other delightful things related to a stomach virus. I would love to blame his sickness on his penchant for trying to eat magazines, but I believe he caught something on the way home from our trip. Lesson learned, no more roadside pit stops at Denny's.:(

We hung out at home, pulling up on everything and eating sporadically. He seems to be a little wary of nursing, but can you blame him? I still don't eat bananas because of a puking incident in college. Last night instead of milk at bedtime he chose sweet potatoes. Hopefully he gets over this soon, because we are not ready to wean.

This afternoon we tried beets, or he did, the smell was a little too umm...interesting for me. Very earthy. This was his general reaction, they weren't much of a hit. He continued to eat them, but kept shuddering and making ick faces.
We also cleaned (bleached) the house to rid it of the sick germs. Otto is such a big helper when you vacuum:)
I turned my back to adjust the ipod and he pulled himself up on the coffee table. Of course, I sat him down and then encouraged (What am I thinking?!) him to do it again for the camera.
This age is so much fun! (Minus the puke.)


  1. Awww he is so cute and I'm sorry he's not feeling well!!

    I think he's at the age where I started saying "THIS is my favorite age, I wish he would stay like this forever" and then I kept saying that til now, lol.

    (Pretty sure I could bypass the tantrums stage but the talking is pretty cute!)

  2. That's fun that Otto likes the vacuum. Samantha HATES it. She cries even a room away or if I hold her and vacuum (very difficult, but sometimes necessary) Most of the time I have to wait till she's asleep (at least it doesn't wake her up!)