Monday, April 4, 2011

Our Weekend

On Friday we drove to East Texas. My parents were in San Antonio for a business trip and my youngest siblings participated in the Smith County Jr Livestock show and won! And although Michael has mad driving skills, he isn't quite legal, so Chris and I played chauffeur. Michael's roaster (really big chicken) place third overall and Abbey won Reserve Grand Champion with yeast rolls and place sixth with her chicken! They both got to sell their projects in the auction and we had a great time going to the show them. 

Abbey made a fresh batch of her rolls before the auction on Saturday and Otto helped;)
On the way to the fairgounds we stopped at El Lugar (amazing hole-in-the-wall taco shop) for dinner. I ate cheese for the first time in about six weeks, and first intentional ingestion in several good! Otto did pretty well handling it, only a little burpy. Hopefully this means he is making progress at out growing his milk intolerance, or maybe it just means that El Lugar cheese has super powers.
Look how cute this little future 4-Her is! He loved getting to explore the barns and was fascinated by the animals.
On Sunday, Chris' parents came over for lunch and Otto got some Nana cuddle time in. He had just woken up from a nap when they arrived and was still wearing his jammies...I love how serious he is when exploring new things, check out that face!
Rottweiler rides!
He also got to hang out with his crazy/workaholic Uncle Israel. Israel worked over seventy (!) hours last week. Crazy nut. I believe in these pictures they are watching some sort of hunting video, but don't quote me on that.
Otto thinks he is so big when you let him watch something on your phone.
Later Sunday afternoon little miss Olivia (and her lovely mother) came to see us! She's getting hair and it's going to be red!
She has a very outgoing personality and is on the move with mad crawling skills. Otto was quite impressed and loved that she would crawl over and kiss him:) Hilarious!
Today Otto played catch-up on sleep and took two two hour naps! Being the center of attention really wears a guy out!


  1. YAY! Great post. You are a lucky dog to live so close to your parents : ) (closer than 7 hours...)

  2. Glad ya'll came down, I could of def drove... :D
    haha, glad Otto got a little worn out!