Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nine Months!

My baby is nine months old. Wow. (Nine months and one day, because I'm an awesome blogger like that.)

He is really making progress on mobility, in the past week he has learned to pull up, crawl, and go from laying down to sitting. That last one is the big one. With that skill he can now pull up in the crib when he is laid down for bed or a nap. Super. (I'm happy for him, and very proud, but this new development has made nap time a struggle.)

This is what greets you in the morning, and after naps, and sometimes in the middle of a nap. Cutest kid ever.
He is SO proud of himself, and can't stop grinning about his new skill. :) He also always looks over at you so you can cheer for him; he wants you to know that he is SO BIG.
We nurse 5-6 times a day, but he is almost 100% on table food, with the rare occasion where we can get him to eat a packet of purees. He still dislikes bananas, but has discovered strawberries and thinks they are wonderful. Vegetables are delicious except for green beans, and starches (potatoes, bread, pasta, rice) are probably his favorite. Still holding strong at seven teeth, but in the last week he has started drooling and favoring his teething toys so I think we are preparing for more.

He is developing muscles all over and can now flex his stomach. Crawling, while he can do it, isn't favorite. His commando crawl is much more effective in his opinion. If you leave the room, he follows. This has made bathroom breaks for Mommy few and far between. He also has started trying to copy what you do, today he burped me while I was burping him. And the funny thing? It worked. :) He thought it was awesome.

He gets cuter and more fun by the day. Such an amazing little guy.
 We love this growing little man!

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  1. Hahaha! Burping you! Great, it's cool that he's copying you now!