Friday, April 29, 2011

Fort Worth Stockyards

Maybe I should blog about what we did last weekend before heading off on a new adventure this weekend. Perhaps?

Last Saturday we went to the Stockyards! They are a distinctly Fort Worth attraction, and Otto and I had never been. It was so much fun! Family, next time you visit this is what we are doing!
While we had lots of fun, the Stockyards aren't exactly stroller friendly. Chris got in quite the workout lugging the stroller up and down several flights of stairs. Yay for a strong Daddy!
He even had to collapse the stroller and drag it through an old fashioned turn-style. What can we say, he's a trooper!
The Stockyards were originally, well, stockyards. They used to be the holding grounds for the packing house located at the top of the hill. Built in the 1860's, I believe it was the largest in the nation, and in the 1970's it was listed as a national historic site and has since been turned into a museum of sorts. Many of the stalls/holding pens have turned into shops and restaurants. Very neat! 
There is even a train that runs through the center of the shops that you can ride into downtown and back. Otto thought it was very cool, especially when pulled out of the station!
One of the attractions is a twice daily cattle drive.(11:00 and 4:00) Only in Fort Worth would you see longhorns ambling down a public street! It was a little nuts in my opinion, seems pretty risky to me in our sue happy world, but the cows obviously were very accustomed to the routine and didn't bat an eyelash at the mobs of people standing on the curbs. 
I love living in the city, and living in a town like Fort Worth, with its unique vibe, only makes me enjoy it more so. Even Chris says that it's growing on him:)