Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter from our family to yours!
We had a great day, starting with opening Otto's Easter basket this morning. He got his first remote control car and was so excited he skipped his early nap which made for an interesting morning at church. (read: crazy busy little boy during the sermon) Thankfully he napped in his car seat on the way home and was ready to play when his Nana and Papa arrived for lunch and a visit.
We had turkey, and I now have space in my freezer! After lunch my sweet mother-in-law, Lisa, added some decorative trim to a bookcase that she built for us in college. Otto thought that her nail gun was the best. thing. ever. I'm pretty sure his Nana is going to have a little helper following her around in a few years:)
Juan and Lisa also took Chris' truck, The Beast, home with them. It will probably be much happier in the country but Chris was a little sad to see it go...
All in all, we had a wonderful and relaxing day. Hope you did as well!

PS: I put Otto in bed before starting this post. He started fussing while I was uploading pictures and when I peeked in to make sure he was okay, I found him stuck on his knees hanging onto the side of the crib. Poor dude didn't know how to lay back down! He is currently sleeping in our room in the pack'n'play. Tomorrow after Chris lowers the crib (all the way!) he can go back to his room. This pulling up and crawling business is crazy!


  1. Hahahaha! Your kid is a odd duck. An adorable and very odd duck.

  2. i so wanted to go to the angels game that weekend but i will have my 3 kiddos for 4 days (thurs-sun) while their parents have a get away in vegas! hmm maybe i could handle 3 kids and a game haha um no. but i think im going to go to the one on the 28th even if it is KC again