Monday, April 18, 2011

East Texas Weekend

Alternatively titled: A Really Loooooonnnng Post

My good intentions of blogging while we were gone crashed and burned after getting to east Texas, so here is my effort to make up for it.  Prepare yourself, this will be a post of epic proportions. :)

We left College Station Friday afternoon to go visit these two ladies! (And our other family members, but these girls are visiting from Korea!) Addison's first birthday was in February and Jackie celebrates this month so we met at a park to have dinner and cake. Addy has gotten so big in the eight months since we last saw her and not only walks, she runs!
How big is Addison? SO BIG!
Otto loved getting to meet his cousin, he thought she was amazing. He was so excited, hugging and kissing her, and sadly pulling her hair:( Good thing she has the ability to run away! (She was rescued immediately after this picture was taken.) Seriously, what is with his face in this picture, what a stinker!
We are all so glad that they are back for a visit, it would only be better if Daniel was with them! Chris and I were both so amazed at how much she has changed and are a little fearful about the stage we are about to enter...Otto walking is a scary thought!
At the park there were slides, swings, and sand, all of which our little man loved. He was so serious while on the slide but wanted to go back for more:)
We spent the night at Holly Lake and on Saturday morning Otto and I were dropped off at my parents while Chris went into Tyler to help his sister move. Angela and Justin just bought their first house! We are so happy for them! They are almost neighbors with my parents which is fun. (and convenient, thanks for planning that Ang:))
That evening was Abbey's ballet recital. It was fun to be able to go...the last recital we were able to attend was her first (several years ago) and let's just say that she has made significant improvement since then;)  Kidding Abbey, you were adorable then and are beautiful now.
Otto did pretty well during the recital (way past his bedtime) and really got into the hip-hop numbers. The heavy beat and audience cheers taught him a new 'skill'. He now shrieks loudly (happily) at the most awkward times. Like the oddly quiet Denny's that we ate at on the way home and the library.

Before leaving for the recital, I changed him into a fresh outfit (when you spend your days acting like a Swiffer it's hard to stay clean) and handed him to his Dad while I got ready....this is how I found them. The boy gene is strong in this one.
On Sunday we celebrated Israel's 23rd birthday. My mom cooked him these delightful little guys. Even Israel was a little shocked:) 
The quail I can almost understand, but that poor little rabbit?! It's little legs were curled up and it just looked so pathetic! To add insult to injury, they had stuffed it with sausage and yes, Otto totally tried it. I did not.

And last but not least, Otto experienced a first while we were there. My mom gave us a family Easter basket a little early, complete with chocolate for Chris and Nerd Ropes for me. Otto was fascinated by the packaging and grabbed one.  He succeed in opening it and taking a bite before we caught him! So first candy for the baby? Nerd Rope. This only supports my theory of him growing into an intellectual that carries a pocket protector. :)
(We were posing him for a 'first' picture and he attacked it again! I think he liked it just a little. Michael's reaction is sincere.)
We had a great trip, but it's nice to be home. Today Otto napped very well, I think he's trying to catch up:) He also pulled up by himself this morning for the first time, Lincoln and Addison must have given him some ideas. He has been pulling to a stand if you are holding his hands for awhile now, but today he (army) crawled over to the coffee table and stood up like it was old news. Then he proceeded to follow me around and pull up on my legs all day. Pretty cute but so crazy big!

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  1. YAY! haha that picture of him pulling her hair! *priceless :)