Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another College Station Post! Be Impressed!

Chris is attending a conference at the school, so while he was at 'work' Otto and I got to hang out with Aunt Sarah and lots of friends.
This picture cracks me up. These glasses are perfect for him and his little serious inquisitive nature. Future engineer in the making!

Lincoln and his mommy, Sonia, came over in the afternoon to play.

Otto was very eager to show Lincoln his crawling skills. 

But he was shocked when Lincoln showed him what the true definition of crawling is:) Lincoln is five weeks older than Otto, but is already taking a few steps. He is crazy skilled for a brand new ten month old!
For dinner we met up with some of my friends from college. I had several eight o'clock classes with Kayla and Amie, and Matt was also a Food Science major.

Now Matt and Kayla are ENGAGED! I'm totally claiming matchmaking skills on their relationship, I am just that good:) Aren't they cute? Otto thought Matt was pretty dang cool.
Before bed we played outside for a bit. Otto big fat puffy hearts riding piggy back and Uncle Sam obliged. Can't you tell he's loving it?!

Lincoln was out for an evening stroller ride so we got to see him again, in this picture they are both watch a truck drive down the street. Such boys!
Otto has been asleep since seven fifteen, busy days wear him out!

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