Friday, April 29, 2011

Fort Worth Stockyards

Maybe I should blog about what we did last weekend before heading off on a new adventure this weekend. Perhaps?

Last Saturday we went to the Stockyards! They are a distinctly Fort Worth attraction, and Otto and I had never been. It was so much fun! Family, next time you visit this is what we are doing!
While we had lots of fun, the Stockyards aren't exactly stroller friendly. Chris got in quite the workout lugging the stroller up and down several flights of stairs. Yay for a strong Daddy!
He even had to collapse the stroller and drag it through an old fashioned turn-style. What can we say, he's a trooper!
The Stockyards were originally, well, stockyards. They used to be the holding grounds for the packing house located at the top of the hill. Built in the 1860's, I believe it was the largest in the nation, and in the 1970's it was listed as a national historic site and has since been turned into a museum of sorts. Many of the stalls/holding pens have turned into shops and restaurants. Very neat! 
There is even a train that runs through the center of the shops that you can ride into downtown and back. Otto thought it was very cool, especially when pulled out of the station!
One of the attractions is a twice daily cattle drive.(11:00 and 4:00) Only in Fort Worth would you see longhorns ambling down a public street! It was a little nuts in my opinion, seems pretty risky to me in our sue happy world, but the cows obviously were very accustomed to the routine and didn't bat an eyelash at the mobs of people standing on the curbs. 
I love living in the city, and living in a town like Fort Worth, with its unique vibe, only makes me enjoy it more so. Even Chris says that it's growing on him:) 

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Nine Months!

My baby is nine months old. Wow. (Nine months and one day, because I'm an awesome blogger like that.)

He is really making progress on mobility, in the past week he has learned to pull up, crawl, and go from laying down to sitting. That last one is the big one. With that skill he can now pull up in the crib when he is laid down for bed or a nap. Super. (I'm happy for him, and very proud, but this new development has made nap time a struggle.)

This is what greets you in the morning, and after naps, and sometimes in the middle of a nap. Cutest kid ever.
He is SO proud of himself, and can't stop grinning about his new skill. :) He also always looks over at you so you can cheer for him; he wants you to know that he is SO BIG.
We nurse 5-6 times a day, but he is almost 100% on table food, with the rare occasion where we can get him to eat a packet of purees. He still dislikes bananas, but has discovered strawberries and thinks they are wonderful. Vegetables are delicious except for green beans, and starches (potatoes, bread, pasta, rice) are probably his favorite. Still holding strong at seven teeth, but in the last week he has started drooling and favoring his teething toys so I think we are preparing for more.

He is developing muscles all over and can now flex his stomach. Crawling, while he can do it, isn't favorite. His commando crawl is much more effective in his opinion. If you leave the room, he follows. This has made bathroom breaks for Mommy few and far between. He also has started trying to copy what you do, today he burped me while I was burping him. And the funny thing? It worked. :) He thought it was awesome.

He gets cuter and more fun by the day. Such an amazing little guy.
 We love this growing little man!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Easter Sunday!

Happy Easter from our family to yours!
We had a great day, starting with opening Otto's Easter basket this morning. He got his first remote control car and was so excited he skipped his early nap which made for an interesting morning at church. (read: crazy busy little boy during the sermon) Thankfully he napped in his car seat on the way home and was ready to play when his Nana and Papa arrived for lunch and a visit.
We had turkey, and I now have space in my freezer! After lunch my sweet mother-in-law, Lisa, added some decorative trim to a bookcase that she built for us in college. Otto thought that her nail gun was the best. thing. ever. I'm pretty sure his Nana is going to have a little helper following her around in a few years:)
Juan and Lisa also took Chris' truck, The Beast, home with them. It will probably be much happier in the country but Chris was a little sad to see it go...
All in all, we had a wonderful and relaxing day. Hope you did as well!

PS: I put Otto in bed before starting this post. He started fussing while I was uploading pictures and when I peeked in to make sure he was okay, I found him stuck on his knees hanging onto the side of the crib. Poor dude didn't know how to lay back down! He is currently sleeping in our room in the pack'n'play. Tomorrow after Chris lowers the crib (all the way!) he can go back to his room. This pulling up and crawling business is crazy!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Otto Crawls!

Otto started crawling today! Just got up on all fours and took off like it was old news! He crawled about three feet across the tile using the correct arm/leg coordination. Yay buddy!

This video was the best we could capture. He was really exhausted at this point, we'll have to try for a better one tomorrow.

And what enticed him to crawl? The bulb syringe. He absolutely hates it when it is used for its correct purpose, but loves to teeth on it, strange I know.

Also, in all the excitement of a new car I forgot to post about his nine month pediatrician appoint that we had yesterday. (Just a few days early.) Our big kid checked out perfectly, weighing 22 pounds even (75th percentile, loosing ground here, probably because he has to eat big kid food) and 31 inches tall (over 95th percentile, he is taller than most 12 month olds!). No shots at this appointment, which was a welcomed break but he was checked for anemia. (Normal nine month test) We will get the results later this week.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Hello Birdie!

Chris has a new ride! Woot!

This is Birdie, she is a 2004 manual Toyota Corolla. (The manual part was an important feature for Chris. I'm going to need to learn how to drive one brush up on my skills now.)
Chris has been in the market for a new ride for awhile; the Beast is a great truck but doesn't have an air conditioner  (or airbags for that matter) which is super important in Texas during the summer. He was considering a motorcycle and had somehow convinced his mother it was a good idea, but I told him I would not be fielding the phone calls from my mother and he decided to go with a more practical choice. Having a second vehicle that is baby friendly is a win.

Doesn't she have a cute butt? (My car buying criteria) She also came with a Sirius radio which is nice.
 The Beast is going to take a nice long, possibly permanent, vacation at a wonderful place in the country, aka Chris' parents...unless Michael can talk my parents into letting him get his drivers license...:)

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


We had a great day today, which was quite the change from yesterday. Otto, poor guy, spent the better part of the day tossing his cookies and doing other delightful things related to a stomach virus. I would love to blame his sickness on his penchant for trying to eat magazines, but I believe he caught something on the way home from our trip. Lesson learned, no more roadside pit stops at Denny's.:(

We hung out at home, pulling up on everything and eating sporadically. He seems to be a little wary of nursing, but can you blame him? I still don't eat bananas because of a puking incident in college. Last night instead of milk at bedtime he chose sweet potatoes. Hopefully he gets over this soon, because we are not ready to wean.

This afternoon we tried beets, or he did, the smell was a little too umm...interesting for me. Very earthy. This was his general reaction, they weren't much of a hit. He continued to eat them, but kept shuddering and making ick faces.
We also cleaned (bleached) the house to rid it of the sick germs. Otto is such a big helper when you vacuum:)
I turned my back to adjust the ipod and he pulled himself up on the coffee table. Of course, I sat him down and then encouraged (What am I thinking?!) him to do it again for the camera.
This age is so much fun! (Minus the puke.)

Monday, April 18, 2011

East Texas Weekend

Alternatively titled: A Really Loooooonnnng Post

My good intentions of blogging while we were gone crashed and burned after getting to east Texas, so here is my effort to make up for it.  Prepare yourself, this will be a post of epic proportions. :)

We left College Station Friday afternoon to go visit these two ladies! (And our other family members, but these girls are visiting from Korea!) Addison's first birthday was in February and Jackie celebrates this month so we met at a park to have dinner and cake. Addy has gotten so big in the eight months since we last saw her and not only walks, she runs!
How big is Addison? SO BIG!
Otto loved getting to meet his cousin, he thought she was amazing. He was so excited, hugging and kissing her, and sadly pulling her hair:( Good thing she has the ability to run away! (She was rescued immediately after this picture was taken.) Seriously, what is with his face in this picture, what a stinker!
We are all so glad that they are back for a visit, it would only be better if Daniel was with them! Chris and I were both so amazed at how much she has changed and are a little fearful about the stage we are about to enter...Otto walking is a scary thought!
At the park there were slides, swings, and sand, all of which our little man loved. He was so serious while on the slide but wanted to go back for more:)
We spent the night at Holly Lake and on Saturday morning Otto and I were dropped off at my parents while Chris went into Tyler to help his sister move. Angela and Justin just bought their first house! We are so happy for them! They are almost neighbors with my parents which is fun. (and convenient, thanks for planning that Ang:))
That evening was Abbey's ballet recital. It was fun to be able to go...the last recital we were able to attend was her first (several years ago) and let's just say that she has made significant improvement since then;)  Kidding Abbey, you were adorable then and are beautiful now.
Otto did pretty well during the recital (way past his bedtime) and really got into the hip-hop numbers. The heavy beat and audience cheers taught him a new 'skill'. He now shrieks loudly (happily) at the most awkward times. Like the oddly quiet Denny's that we ate at on the way home and the library.

Before leaving for the recital, I changed him into a fresh outfit (when you spend your days acting like a Swiffer it's hard to stay clean) and handed him to his Dad while I got ready....this is how I found them. The boy gene is strong in this one.
On Sunday we celebrated Israel's 23rd birthday. My mom cooked him these delightful little guys. Even Israel was a little shocked:) 
The quail I can almost understand, but that poor little rabbit?! It's little legs were curled up and it just looked so pathetic! To add insult to injury, they had stuffed it with sausage and yes, Otto totally tried it. I did not.

And last but not least, Otto experienced a first while we were there. My mom gave us a family Easter basket a little early, complete with chocolate for Chris and Nerd Ropes for me. Otto was fascinated by the packaging and grabbed one.  He succeed in opening it and taking a bite before we caught him! So first candy for the baby? Nerd Rope. This only supports my theory of him growing into an intellectual that carries a pocket protector. :)
(We were posing him for a 'first' picture and he attacked it again! I think he liked it just a little. Michael's reaction is sincere.)
We had a great trip, but it's nice to be home. Today Otto napped very well, I think he's trying to catch up:) He also pulled up by himself this morning for the first time, Lincoln and Addison must have given him some ideas. He has been pulling to a stand if you are holding his hands for awhile now, but today he (army) crawled over to the coffee table and stood up like it was old news. Then he proceeded to follow me around and pull up on my legs all day. Pretty cute but so crazy big!

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Another College Station Post! Be Impressed!

Chris is attending a conference at the school, so while he was at 'work' Otto and I got to hang out with Aunt Sarah and lots of friends.
This picture cracks me up. These glasses are perfect for him and his little serious inquisitive nature. Future engineer in the making!

Lincoln and his mommy, Sonia, came over in the afternoon to play.

Otto was very eager to show Lincoln his crawling skills. 

But he was shocked when Lincoln showed him what the true definition of crawling is:) Lincoln is five weeks older than Otto, but is already taking a few steps. He is crazy skilled for a brand new ten month old!
For dinner we met up with some of my friends from college. I had several eight o'clock classes with Kayla and Amie, and Matt was also a Food Science major.

Now Matt and Kayla are ENGAGED! I'm totally claiming matchmaking skills on their relationship, I am just that good:) Aren't they cute? Otto thought Matt was pretty dang cool.
Before bed we played outside for a bit. Otto big fat puffy hearts riding piggy back and Uncle Sam obliged. Can't you tell he's loving it?!

Lincoln was out for an evening stroller ride so we got to see him again, in this picture they are both watch a truck drive down the street. Such boys!
Otto has been asleep since seven fifteen, busy days wear him out!

Monday, April 11, 2011

Back to BCS!

We're in Central Texas visiting my sisters and brother this week. Otto is super excited to be here! (Chris and I are too:))
There are cats to chase, new power cords to find, and computers with power buttons at his level. Hopefully we make it through the week without him doing too much damage.

I plan to update a few times while we are here, but we'll see how well I do;)

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Trampoline Time!

While we were at my parents Chris took Otto out for some trampoline time. He LOVED it.
New favorite picture! Love how their expressions match.
Being tossed in the air is one of his favorite activities, I imagine it was only improved by bouncing. 
I wasn't sure he was going to like jumping, in most new situations he is very serious. But with a Dad and Uncle with skills like these, how could he not?
Abbey tells me that she plans on buying him a trampoline for his birthday. Umm, no. Although he loved it and he was exhausted afterward, I am not ready for him to be practicing back flips in the backyard. /:
(photo taken by Abbey)