Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Truck on Vacation

While my family was out of town my father's new truck was at our house. Not wanting it to feel left out we tried to make it's stay special:)

The first night of it's visit we had a date night. We went to Salsa Fuego, a little tiny restaurant that, I kid you not, used to be a Jack in the Box. The restaurant was one of those one-of-a-kind places that only locals go to and was packed, byob with an hour and a half wait. (We totally brought our own baby and miraculously only had a ten minute wait) While the service lacked a bit the food was delicious and beautifully presented. And because I'm totally cheap, we only spent twelve bucks on appetizer/dinner/dessert thanks to a restaurant.com gift certificate:) Great place to have dinner if you are ever in Fort Worth.
The next morning the truck took us to church and was slightly shocked at how forward Otto is with the ladies.
Well, only one lady but he really, really likes her. Cindy gets kisses just about every Sunday.
Then on the way home it helped us pick up a (new to us) dresser that is now gracing our dining room as a buffet. (Pictures to come!) (If I ever get the room how I want it.) (Maybe I should say pictures possibly to come?)
During the week, Otto and I enjoyed riding around town in style. I think my parents meant for Chris to have a week of driving a vehicle with airbags, but we called dibs first:) 

On Wednesday we went to the pediatrician, and Friday we were up early for the grand opening of Goodwill in Lake Worth! Super duper exciting people! There were radio dj's, loud music, free lunch, and good deals! The truck didn't get to join the fun however because it was parked across the street due to the crowds of people. New store openings are big deal when you live in a small town!
Otto was a hit, all the little old ladies shopping loved him, and he just flirted right back. Home skillet loves the ladies:)
We found a few things that just had to come home with us. This little shirt was .49 cents and will fit him in 2012. Apparently Otto supports conservative small government:)
Dad, we had a great time with your truck, anytime you need someone to babysit it for a while let us know!


  1. I wish you would post inside house pictures!

  2. He's sweet, and glad you got to drive the truck around, I'm sure you liked it's pickup.