Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Otto in Motion!

Out little man is really starting to get around. Although he isn't quite crawling yet (totally fine with him taking his time!) he can definitely get where ever he wants too. Anything remotely dangerous is his target.

I was sewing (yay!) today and he was on his play mat. He was too quiet and I looked up to check on him...and found him all the way across the room trying his hardest to unplug the television. I moved him back to his mat and he immediately rolled back to the cord.  
Please note that we have gobs of age appropriate toys scattered all over, but he only wants cords, golf clubs, and cell phones.  It's so funny how his back half can really move but his chest and shoulders are still glued to the ground.
 All of the little girls Otto age (even a little younger), are already crawling but I'm not really concerned. He is definitely developing at his own pace. And let's face it, lifting all his chub has got to be difficult. What I'm worried about is his food intake. Over the last week he has decided that purees no longer interest him. While he will eat his weight in cereal (Cheerios, Rice Krispies, and Special K), after one or two bites of anything off a spoon he closes his mouth and turns his head away. We are still nursing five times a day (7:30, 11:00, 2:00, 5:00, 7:00) and he drinks water out of a sippy cup for fun but never more than a few ounces a day. I know he is ready and needing more, whenever we eat he wants to try it and get SUPER excited when he sees the puffs container.  I feel like he wants to fed himself and chew what is put in his mouth. Tonight we tried boiled egg yolk and he loved it! But today he only had one egg yolk, a handful of cereal, and three bites of applesauce. He needs more with all of his crazy moves! Before he was eating nine ounces of baby food easily. Any suggestions? Nutrient rich foods that he would be able to feed (chewing seems to be so important to him right now) himself?


  1. Obviously I'm no help on the food because it sounds like Otto is already a better eater than Jax, but I just have to say how stinkin adorable his little scoot is!

    Jax did something like that at first and his knees got really red even if we put him in pants, so we used BabyLegs. They work as baby crawler kneepads! Oh and J didn't crawl officially til 11 months! :)

  2. Get ready! Once they start going, they never stop :) It is so much fun, though.

  3. Sam is that way on food - but lucky for me, only by dinnertime. She'll still take pureed food in the morning and at lunch.
    Most fruits and veggies should be ok if boiled/steamed and cut into pieces. (I'm a little paranoid and cut them into pieces the size of peas) Peas are great - no cutting required. Sam has swallowed some whole and its no big deal. Otto has TONS more teeth than her, so he should be fine. I do carrots and peas and apples and pears a lot. I cook them in batches every few days and just stick them in the fridge till we're ready for them. Bananas are also good - a little sticky, but she eats them (and you don't have to cook those first).
    I say go for it, Otto will likely chew all of it fine!
    I've also heard of people putting pureed food on bite size pieces of crackers, but I've never tried that...