Monday, March 14, 2011

New Car Seat!

Otto got a new car seat! A very snazzy cowmooflauge one at that:) Today we took a ride to the library to test it out.

While he still fit the size requirements for his infant seat, but you could tell it wasn't very comfortable anymore.  He was all ways trying to sit up to look around and using the sun shield as a toy. So a new seat it was. After lots of research we decided on a Britax Marathon. In this seat he can rear face until 40 pounds and ride with a five point harness until 70 pounds. Chris appreciated that it has a steel frame and additional latch straps, I love the adorable print! I think that Otto will love the extra padding and the fact that the seat actually has a recline feature; this baby is the Lazy Boy of car seats I tell you!

It's hard to believe that we already need to an upgraded car seat; he's growing up way too fast. I also bought him grown-up (child) shampoo this weekend. Since when is he allowed to turn into a little boy?!

I ordered his seat from Amazon using my AmazonMom membership and got free two day shipping! It was great to get it so quickly! If you are a parent you can sign up for a AmazonMom (equivalent to a prime membership) account and get faster shipping/thirty percent off of baby items sold by Amazon. Great deal!

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  1. LOVE the marathon! And I'm so sad we didn't get the new seat, it looks fantastic and YAY for rear-facing longer! I'm glad he's comfy in his new seat. :)