Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Highchair Skills!

I exchanged Otto's booster seat yesterday and today at lunch we tried it out.
He enjoyed sitting in the chair but picking food up and feeding himself was a difficult concept.
I gave him some peas and steamed squash. Picking up individual pieces was challenging, he didn't (purposefully) do it until dinner, when Chris was home. I guess he was just waiting so his Dad could watch!
He can easily push individual pieces around with one finger, but his pincher skills are still missing. That's okay, he'll get it!
The few he was able to pick up got trap in his little fist, cute to me but frustrating to him. At one point he bent in half and tried to eat them directly from the tray, forgoing his hands completely:) I tried handing him a pea and he grabbed my hand and pulled it to his mouth. He's nothing if not inventive!
He wasn't really a fan of the outside of the peas either. He would  smash and swallow the insides before trying to spit out the rest but he couldn't figure out how thank goodness! There were enough scattered all over the floor as it was. When he finished I gave him a teething cookie, and surprise surprise, he munched it right down. Strange how he knows how to chew and swallow a cookie but not vegetables...


  1. Ooooh, I'm glad we get to see y'all soon! He's changing so mucho!

  2. Ottos clever and will get the pinching down real quick. Try something not slippy, like Oatie Os. Looking forward to seeing you.

  3. Sam is really good with picking up cereal - because it can stick to her slobbering hands! Also, she used to grab with her whole fist and then stick the whole fist in her mouth and open it to get the food out. But my child has a very large mouth...
    And to help with clean up - borrow a small dog ;-) I almost never mop (I know, I shouldn't share that!)