Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dive Bomber

Yesterday we went to the pediatrician's for Otto's delayed polio vaccination.  I stuck him on the scale to check his weight, twenty-one pounds and two ounces! Big kid! And he was very tough when he got his shot, no crying, not even a funny face.

Poor Otto has yet another battle wound. He has become an expert at lunging at a desired object, which then results in a nose dive. This morning he managed to launch himself into a cardboard box (that was three feet away) and was rewarded with a bump and scratch on his chin. Shockingly enough it didn't really phase him, I think he was too excited to have actually made it to the box to be worried about the pain.
Question: what kind of weird mom takes and post pictures of her child's bumps and bruises on the internet? 

I put him on the guest bed to take pictures, and he decided to demonstrate his skills.

Hmm, what's that? I want it.

Maybe if I jump...

Face plant!

My arm is stuck!
What he wanted all along? The camera lens cover.
At this point he gets high centered and is trapped. He frog kicks with all his might, and he can spin around in a circle, but forward movement microscopic, much to his chagrin. And he still isn't quite strong enough to push to all fours.

I sat him up to take a few smiley pictures, but he started eying the throw pillows on the floor beside the bed, so no go. I can just see him doing a front flip off the bed just because he can. Excuse me while I go check for newly sprouted gray hair.

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  1. I think the bumps and bruises just get worse from here, haha. I find new bruises and marks on Jax every week. Most of the time, I have no idea how he got them. Gotta love little boys :)!