Thursday, March 24, 2011

200th Blog Post!

This is post number 200 for our blog! Crazy! Pretty sure this is the longest I've ever keep a journal; here's to the next 200!

Thank you for the advice on finger foods, its been very helpful and encouraging. Last night Otto had 1/8 a piece of french toast (wholegrain bread and egg) and boiled potato cubes. He seemed so proud of himself  and actually ate something, complete win in my book! The crust on the bread was a little much for him to chew, so next time I'll have to remember to cut those off. Tonight he will be having carrots and these strange little things:

I cannot believe I went shopping with 'baby vienna sausages' on the list. Processed meats are not my idea of yummy, so these will definitely be something he will have to eat with his Dad, hence the hot and spicy can. The only difference between the baby and man versions are the absence of nitrates and a 3x price increase.

And a picture of the munchkin! Here's Otto wearing a big kid t-shirt and having a snack before his nap. He loves pinching puffs off the coffee table, it's just the right height for him to use. He is getting much better at using his pinchers and actually getting the food to his mouth. When he gets to tired or frustrated he'll just slide them to the edge of the table and then lick them off...pretty funny:)

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  1. Pretty resourceful and creative on getting things done! Go Otto!!