Monday, March 28, 2011


Today my friend and old college roommate came to visit! Jenny is a super fun girl and Otto LOVED her.
Not only did she come to play and let Otto climb all over her...
...but she also brought her puppy, Mosby!
Otto was amazed when we opened the door to their knock and a dog came streaking into the house. I don't think he even realized that Jenny was there for the first few minutes because Mosby was just so interesting.
Thankfully Mosby is a very sweet puppy and let Otto maul him without getting frustrated. It was so cute, I set Otto down and he immediately wiggled his way over and grabbed Mosby by his whiskers! Absolutely no fear.
We got to play and visit before heading to Chickfila for lunch. I ordered Otto his very own fruit cup, and he was very happy to chew on pieces of apple while we ate, but he was a little shocked over the difference between Red Delicious and Granny Smith:) 

Thanks for coming to see us Jenny! It was such a perk for me and Otto loved getting to meet you. Come back ANYTIME!

Friday, March 25, 2011

Eight Months!

This beautiful little man turns eight months old today! He's getting so big and old, where did my baby go?
Over the last week he has made huge strides in the mobility department, with today being the first day he was actually succeeding at an army crawl. Up until this point he has been trying to push himself along with just his legs making minimal progress, but today he realized that pulling with his arms helps!

His hair is starting to get really crazy. We waffle back in forth over cutting it, with days like today being cut it days. But the problem is, I'm not sure how to...any ideas? 
He loves people his own size, babies and even the head of a life size Barbie that he spotted during a trip to Goodwill. Chris was pushing him in a cart, and Otto got excited and started talking to it thinking it was a real person.  Silly boy.

Eating has been a little better, and today he even ate some applesauce off a spoon! Progress! And as evidenced by the bib, he is loving feeding himself. About thirty percent of  what's on his tray makes to his mouth:)
Isn't he nice? Sometimes I just have to squeeze him! (Most of the time he loves it, sometimes he tolerates it.:))
Happy eight months Otto! You're 2/3rds of the way to a whole year!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

200th Blog Post!

This is post number 200 for our blog! Crazy! Pretty sure this is the longest I've ever keep a journal; here's to the next 200!

Thank you for the advice on finger foods, its been very helpful and encouraging. Last night Otto had 1/8 a piece of french toast (wholegrain bread and egg) and boiled potato cubes. He seemed so proud of himself  and actually ate something, complete win in my book! The crust on the bread was a little much for him to chew, so next time I'll have to remember to cut those off. Tonight he will be having carrots and these strange little things:

I cannot believe I went shopping with 'baby vienna sausages' on the list. Processed meats are not my idea of yummy, so these will definitely be something he will have to eat with his Dad, hence the hot and spicy can. The only difference between the baby and man versions are the absence of nitrates and a 3x price increase.

And a picture of the munchkin! Here's Otto wearing a big kid t-shirt and having a snack before his nap. He loves pinching puffs off the coffee table, it's just the right height for him to use. He is getting much better at using his pinchers and actually getting the food to his mouth. When he gets to tired or frustrated he'll just slide them to the edge of the table and then lick them off...pretty funny:)

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Otto in Motion!

Out little man is really starting to get around. Although he isn't quite crawling yet (totally fine with him taking his time!) he can definitely get where ever he wants too. Anything remotely dangerous is his target.

I was sewing (yay!) today and he was on his play mat. He was too quiet and I looked up to check on him...and found him all the way across the room trying his hardest to unplug the television. I moved him back to his mat and he immediately rolled back to the cord.  
Please note that we have gobs of age appropriate toys scattered all over, but he only wants cords, golf clubs, and cell phones.  It's so funny how his back half can really move but his chest and shoulders are still glued to the ground.
 All of the little girls Otto age (even a little younger), are already crawling but I'm not really concerned. He is definitely developing at his own pace. And let's face it, lifting all his chub has got to be difficult. What I'm worried about is his food intake. Over the last week he has decided that purees no longer interest him. While he will eat his weight in cereal (Cheerios, Rice Krispies, and Special K), after one or two bites of anything off a spoon he closes his mouth and turns his head away. We are still nursing five times a day (7:30, 11:00, 2:00, 5:00, 7:00) and he drinks water out of a sippy cup for fun but never more than a few ounces a day. I know he is ready and needing more, whenever we eat he wants to try it and get SUPER excited when he sees the puffs container.  I feel like he wants to fed himself and chew what is put in his mouth. Tonight we tried boiled egg yolk and he loved it! But today he only had one egg yolk, a handful of cereal, and three bites of applesauce. He needs more with all of his crazy moves! Before he was eating nine ounces of baby food easily. Any suggestions? Nutrient rich foods that he would be able to feed (chewing seems to be so important to him right now) himself?

Monday, March 21, 2011

It's Electric!

So our yard is awesome (read: neglected for a long time before we bought the house)  and hasn't needed to be mowed since we moved in. (In October!) But over the last few weeks the dandelions have been making an attempt at a hostile take over so Chris stopped by Lowe's on the way home from work and picked out our first lawn mower. He did his research before hand and brought home this bad boy.

That ladies and gentlemen, is an electric lawn mower.  And my electrical engineering husband is positively giddy about it. :) According to his calculations mowing our little slice of heaven will only cost .10 cents! And that makes me positively giddy. :)

It works! And is much quieter than a gas mower, which is a perk. Otto was very content to watch from the sidewalk.
(Hello, where have you been all my life!?)

There's only one issue with having a lawn mower that you have to plug in...the cord. Apparently you can't run it over or mow the yard in circles, especially when you an ornamental tree smack dab in the middle.

But, so far so good. Now to get the grass to grow faster than the weeds:)

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Truck on Vacation

While my family was out of town my father's new truck was at our house. Not wanting it to feel left out we tried to make it's stay special:)

The first night of it's visit we had a date night. We went to Salsa Fuego, a little tiny restaurant that, I kid you not, used to be a Jack in the Box. The restaurant was one of those one-of-a-kind places that only locals go to and was packed, byob with an hour and a half wait. (We totally brought our own baby and miraculously only had a ten minute wait) While the service lacked a bit the food was delicious and beautifully presented. And because I'm totally cheap, we only spent twelve bucks on appetizer/dinner/dessert thanks to a gift certificate:) Great place to have dinner if you are ever in Fort Worth.
The next morning the truck took us to church and was slightly shocked at how forward Otto is with the ladies.
Well, only one lady but he really, really likes her. Cindy gets kisses just about every Sunday.
Then on the way home it helped us pick up a (new to us) dresser that is now gracing our dining room as a buffet. (Pictures to come!) (If I ever get the room how I want it.) (Maybe I should say pictures possibly to come?)
During the week, Otto and I enjoyed riding around town in style. I think my parents meant for Chris to have a week of driving a vehicle with airbags, but we called dibs first:) 

On Wednesday we went to the pediatrician, and Friday we were up early for the grand opening of Goodwill in Lake Worth! Super duper exciting people! There were radio dj's, loud music, free lunch, and good deals! The truck didn't get to join the fun however because it was parked across the street due to the crowds of people. New store openings are big deal when you live in a small town!
Otto was a hit, all the little old ladies shopping loved him, and he just flirted right back. Home skillet loves the ladies:)
We found a few things that just had to come home with us. This little shirt was .49 cents and will fit him in 2012. Apparently Otto supports conservative small government:)
Dad, we had a great time with your truck, anytime you need someone to babysit it for a while let us know!

Monday, March 14, 2011

New Car Seat!

Otto got a new car seat! A very snazzy cowmooflauge one at that:) Today we took a ride to the library to test it out.

While he still fit the size requirements for his infant seat, but you could tell it wasn't very comfortable anymore.  He was all ways trying to sit up to look around and using the sun shield as a toy. So a new seat it was. After lots of research we decided on a Britax Marathon. In this seat he can rear face until 40 pounds and ride with a five point harness until 70 pounds. Chris appreciated that it has a steel frame and additional latch straps, I love the adorable print! I think that Otto will love the extra padding and the fact that the seat actually has a recline feature; this baby is the Lazy Boy of car seats I tell you!

It's hard to believe that we already need to an upgraded car seat; he's growing up way too fast. I also bought him grown-up (child) shampoo this weekend. Since when is he allowed to turn into a little boy?!

I ordered his seat from Amazon using my AmazonMom membership and got free two day shipping! It was great to get it so quickly! If you are a parent you can sign up for a AmazonMom (equivalent to a prime membership) account and get faster shipping/thirty percent off of baby items sold by Amazon. Great deal!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Home Again

I'm not sure what it is about Sundays, but it seems that all our extreme teething occurs on this particular day of the week. Otto woke up on the wrong side of the bed this morning, perfectly miserable from what appears to be another bout of teething. We stayed home from church because he is loudly vocalizing his woes and poor Sophie is earning her keep. :(

Yesterday my family came back from their vacation. They had a great time and stayed a few hours after I picked them up from the airport to show us pictures. Puerto Rico looks beautiful! I'm so glad they got to go. After they headed home, Dave came over for dinner! Otto went right to him when he walked in the door, happy as a clam. Please excuse the food face, he had just finished his supper.
Can you say hello baby cellulite? :)

Dave tried out Chris' new inversion table and serenaded me while I did the dishes. We had this for dinner, omitting the milk and adding a chopped onion. It was delicious, try it sometime!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Dive Bomber

Yesterday we went to the pediatrician's for Otto's delayed polio vaccination.  I stuck him on the scale to check his weight, twenty-one pounds and two ounces! Big kid! And he was very tough when he got his shot, no crying, not even a funny face.

Poor Otto has yet another battle wound. He has become an expert at lunging at a desired object, which then results in a nose dive. This morning he managed to launch himself into a cardboard box (that was three feet away) and was rewarded with a bump and scratch on his chin. Shockingly enough it didn't really phase him, I think he was too excited to have actually made it to the box to be worried about the pain.
Question: what kind of weird mom takes and post pictures of her child's bumps and bruises on the internet? 

I put him on the guest bed to take pictures, and he decided to demonstrate his skills.

Hmm, what's that? I want it.

Maybe if I jump...

Face plant!

My arm is stuck!
What he wanted all along? The camera lens cover.
At this point he gets high centered and is trapped. He frog kicks with all his might, and he can spin around in a circle, but forward movement microscopic, much to his chagrin. And he still isn't quite strong enough to push to all fours.

I sat him up to take a few smiley pictures, but he started eying the throw pillows on the floor beside the bed, so no go. I can just see him doing a front flip off the bed just because he can. Excuse me while I go check for newly sprouted gray hair.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

And They're Off!

These crazy kids (and my parents) are off for a week of fun in Puerto Rico.
Otto and I dropped them off at the airport this morning, after they spent the night with us. Their flight was early and they live a few hours away so staying with us made the morning slightly less early. And now Otto and I get to drive around in style in my Dad's new truck.
Last night Abbey and Micheal gave Otto his bath and got him ready for bed. He's quite the active little man and really enjoys bath time. When I checked on them, Abbey was in the tub with him while Michael soaped him up and rinsed him off.  Apparently they were afraid he was going get away from them:)
When they were done, Abbey just picked him up soaking her clothes.
My Dad read him his bedtime story, Lyle at the Office. He is starting to really pay attention while reading books, he talks to the pages and touches all the pictures.  It's very cute and he almost lasts through two books:)
Hope you guys have a terrific time, and Dad did you know that the transmission slips a little in fifth? ;)

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Highchair Skills!

I exchanged Otto's booster seat yesterday and today at lunch we tried it out.
He enjoyed sitting in the chair but picking food up and feeding himself was a difficult concept.
I gave him some peas and steamed squash. Picking up individual pieces was challenging, he didn't (purposefully) do it until dinner, when Chris was home. I guess he was just waiting so his Dad could watch!
He can easily push individual pieces around with one finger, but his pincher skills are still missing. That's okay, he'll get it!
The few he was able to pick up got trap in his little fist, cute to me but frustrating to him. At one point he bent in half and tried to eat them directly from the tray, forgoing his hands completely:) I tried handing him a pea and he grabbed my hand and pulled it to his mouth. He's nothing if not inventive!
He wasn't really a fan of the outside of the peas either. He would  smash and swallow the insides before trying to spit out the rest but he couldn't figure out how thank goodness! There were enough scattered all over the floor as it was. When he finished I gave him a teething cookie, and surprise surprise, he munched it right down. Strange how he knows how to chew and swallow a cookie but not vegetables...