Monday, February 7, 2011

Where We've Been...

Otto and I have been traveling all over Texas these last few weeks. The last week in January was spent in Bryan/College Station, and this past week we were in east Texas with my family. I needed to attend a continuing education class to maintain my hygiene license, and then we got snow in and stayed for a few extra days:) Driving down on Wednesday after the ice storm in Fort Worth was nerve racking enough, I wasn't ready to repeat that!
My Parent's house Friday morning

Otto and Mommy!

Otto and Uncle Michael!

With Aunt Lala and Aunt Abbey

Otto did so great during our visit. No stranger anxiety at all. He was so happy to see 'his' people, and they were pretty happy to see him too:) 
Michael and Abbey were doing jumping jax behind me while taking this picture:)
Abbey, Michael and Angela were super pumped about the weather. Angela (crazy girl) drove from Tyler, about 25 minutes away in good road conditions, to come play with us. They are all suited up here to 'ski' at the neighbors. (Get pulled behind a Toyota Corolla on a boogie board across a pasture.)

Otto was less excited about the freezing temperatures.

We had lunch with Juan, Lisa, and Angela before driving home Saturday evening, after ninety percent of the snow and ice melted. Sunday we went to church and had a relaxing afternoon before having a spontaneous Super Bowl party. (Shawn and Jessica came over and brought a homemade dinner!) Today is Otto's six month check-up at the pediatrician's, stay tuned for height and weight stats!

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