Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today Otto and I spent a little time organizing the catastrophe that is our garage...having a garage is very convenient for hiding random boxes of stuff:)
Excuse his outfit, we both had a pajama day. There will be no pictures of me. And look, progress! (Yes, we keep the toilet scrubby thing in the garage...way too nasty to keep inside.)
This teething early thing is a killer...poor dude can't catch a break and he doesn't understand why he hurts, although I'm glad he seems to be getting it all done at once.  Tooth number five (upper left lateral) came through this morning, silly thing came in so forcefully Otto has a blood blister on his gums:( Number six is visible but hasn't broken through quite yet, so we have a few more days of yuckiness ahead of us.

We've tried just about everything trying to find some relief--frozen wash clothes, ice cube in those little mesh net things, new teethers, old teethers, distractions, cuddles, pain medicine--nothing helps for long. Poor kiddo is exhausted, sleeping well is not happening right now. Tylenol does help, but its temporary and you can tell it's only masking the real issue. 
He tries so hard to be cheerful, but his tolerance level for just about everything is very low right now. I'm ready for happy Otto to return, any suggestions?


  1. Tell him to take good care of those beautiful teeth; they weren't free!
    I'm so grateful hes getting this done while it's still cool weather. It's about the only time you'll willing clean a garage too!

  2. Oh mY! He's cute! !! haha I want some pictures of you! He's a little bundle of happiness, and he looks like Chris and You... Those teeth are getting huge!!

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  4. Have you tried teething tablets? I know there was some hoopla over them and the belladonna in them, but they saved our butts a time or two.

    Oh yeah, and he's basically the cutest baby ever, tied only with Jax. ;)

    (reposted because I do know how to spell)

  5. Otto says it would make him feel better if he could see his Aunt Abbey. :)
    Hope you feel better soon buddy!