Thursday, February 24, 2011

Teeth (Part two)

Otto is feeling much better! It seems like teething has given us a few days off. Let's hope it last through the weekend, Nana and Lala are coming to visit!
Our cheerful, inquisitive little man is back! Still chewing on everything in sight, but he has shaken off the grump. He still has his moments of solemness but they are few and far between, like right after a nap when Mommy wants to take pictures:)
(Are you loving the daisy dukes?! I pulled out a box of summer clothes, and guess what? 95% of it is too small. Shocker.)
This little sheep is one of his favorite toys, second only to the pink pig. (Man after my own heart:))

And look at these crazy teeth! The new one is still too short to be seen but it is right next to the longer one on top.

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