Friday, February 25, 2011

Seven Months!

This big kid turned seven months old today!
At seven months Otto is an accomplished sitter, but would rather stand than practice crawling. (He does, however think it is hilarious when we crawl around to demonstrate.)
Tummy time is very limited, because although he knows how to roll from tummy to back he rarely does it. And when I say rarely, I mean never. About five minutes on his stomach turns him into this beast.
Or this sad little man. (New development this month, he generally fights being on his stomach.)
Occasionally, at nap time, he will fall asleep on his stomach, but when he wakes up you know it immediately:)

He thinks that he is 'so big', and with his toothy grin (five teeth) and impressive size, he really is. He loves it when you get down on the floor to play with him and will show you his toys one by one.
If he wants something out of his reach he will scoot forward on his bottom (sitting position) using his hands. He can propel himself about a foot doing this before diving headlong into his target. If he really wants something and you are supporting him around the middle he can easily push himself into a standing position. His reach/grasp skills are terrific and anything he picks up heads directly to his mouth.

He eats peaches, pears, apples, green beans, peas, squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes (2 ounces, twice a day).  Fruit is his favorite, but squash is pretty delicious too. I think his main hold up with vegetables is the thickness of the puree. I let him gum on a piece of bread a few days ago and he LOVED it. Probably because he was getting to eat what we were.  He also has mad sippy cup skills and gets really excited when he sees it.
He is one bendy kid, chewing on his feet for kicks and can curl his toes. He wears a size 4 diaper and 12 month clothing almost exclusively, some 9 month things still fit when stretched:)
Blowing raspberries is super fun, especially at meal time. And especially if he is being fed vegetables. Sounds amaze him. If the radio is on he will search the room for the person singing, and he uses toys and his palm to bang pat things to hear the noise. He is also a great little copy cat and will try to imitate sounds and movements that you make.
When examining something new he will touch it with just one finger. (I almost caught it in this picture) I think we try to keep this going in the future..." You can touch it, but only use one finger." Hopefully this will decrease the number of 'You break, you buy' purchases we make over the next few years.

Everyday brings a new development with our little man and we are loving it! Happy seven months Otto!

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  1. He's fat still, and getting some teeth and hair!
    When do we see you next!!?