Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nana Comes to Visit!

Lisa came to visit today! Otto loved getting to see his Nana, and so did we!
We went to lunch at Springcreek before a trip to Central Market. (Never gets old, love that place!) I think Lisa enjoyed wandering the store almost as much as I did:)

The weather was beautiful today and Otto showed his Nana how much he likes to play in the grass. He thinks it looks delicious!
See Nana? I pick it up and eat it! Very tasty, and full of fiber.
My mother-in-law is a lot of fun. She recently bought a new wheelbarrow, and since it was in the back of her car she pulled it out for Otto to ride in. 
She's a great sport and was easily convinced to ride with him.
Chris decided that a little 'off roading' was necessary. After all, it is made by Jeep.
Then for some reason they got the bright idea that I should take a ride. Being such a polite hostess, I did. In a slightly above the knee skirt. As soon as I climbed in our next door neighbors drove by and stopped to chat...awkward!
This is the most dignified face I could muster up while sitting in a wheelbarrow.
Lisa, you are in trouble now!
Chris, what are you doing?! NO!
Thankfully we survived. How delightful would it have been to be topple over while wearing a skirt? Pretty sure we solidified our redneck status with the neighbors:)
Otto thought it was terrific, he's really beginning to enjoy 'big kid' things. Like making a mess while eating, playing in the dirt, and being tossed in the air.
Lisa, we loved having you visit, come back anytime!

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  1. I had a GREAT time! I think we are even miss "taste this smelly cheese" lady!