Friday, February 11, 2011

Grandma Daycare

To maintain my hygiene license I am required to take continuing education classes every year. This is generally no more than a day or two sitting in dry lectures and you're done. But when you have a little munchkin who nurses and will not take a bottle, it's a problem. He's not exactly a quiet baby, so taking him along to the class wasn't an option. My Mom and little sister generously agreed to spend the day in Tyler while I was in class and bring Otto to me when he needed a nursing break.
Now, Otto and I are pretty tight. We spend 24/7 together and I really haven't left him, and when I do it's with his Dad or while he's sleeping, and then it's only for short periods. So, naturally, I was a little nervous about spending the day away from him; I even woke up with heartburn. :( He was not so stressed, practically said, " Don't let the door hit you on the way out. I'm going to hang out with my Aunt Abbey."  She is one of his favorite people. I really have to thank my Mom, every time I had a break she was waiting with him outside, completely humoring my craziness.

When I woke up that morning this was on the dining room table. I think Israel knew I was a little nervous about the day;)
Chocolate kisses

I really shouldn't have been worried. My Mom does have seven children, she's pretty good at taking care of babies. He had a great time, and they sent me pictures all day to keep me updated on their activities. I got this one about three minutes after getting out of the truck complete with the caption, "He is fine:)"
Otto and I seem to attract grandpa's in grocery stores, they love to talk to him. I almost laughed out loud when I got this picture and the message, "No old men yet but a couple of older women.".
He even napped! Twice! They have skills, I tell you.  "Sleeping like a baby;) I'll get Abbey to take a picture, he is snoring."
They took him shopping and every time I ran out the the parking lot to feed him, he had a new bib or outfit. He even got to visit Andy's Custard for the first time.
After lunch, he went to visit his MG's work.
Where he learned about running a milk plant.

And mauled loved on all of the ladies in the office.
They liked him enough to give him his own hairnet:)
They picked me up right on time, and we headed back to my parents for an (extended) weekend stay thanks to the weather.

After all my spazzing out and worst case scenario planning, everything was fine. He did great, I didn't stroke out, and I think my Mom and Abbey enjoyed themselves. Getting over the hump and actually leaving him is over and it was okay. Maybe sometime in the future Chris and I will actually have a date night...maybe. :)

Just for laughs, this is a picture of how the exam room at the pediatrician's looked after we'd been there five minutes. High energy kid!


  1. Love this post Lydia! Made me laugh!! :)

  2. It does get a little easier. The first time we left Kale (13 years ago..sniff), we had great plans. Dinner, movie and some shopping. His Godparents said DO NOT COME BACK BEFORE MIDNIGHT. We got to the restaurant, ate and then took a nap in the Best Buy parking lot!! We were exhausted. Ha!!

    Otto is so cute and I would love to spend the day with your mom and Abbey!!!

  3. Haha, I love how he's reaching for the Frozen Andys Concrete! YEAH, ATTA boy!

  4. How precious :) I love the pics! Hey, what milk plant does your dad work at? I work at the HEB milk plant, so I'm curious hehe