Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Coldest Day of Otto's Life

...thus far. Apparently tomorrow is supposed to be even colder. Yikes! Right now it's 18 with a predicted low of 11 degrees!

It snowed at our house last night, after sleet and I think a little hail. I put on several layers and ventured out to take a picture. You're welcome.
It is beyond brisk outside. Before going out I thought I would bundle Otto up and get some real snow pictures, but no way...my face hurt after the two minutes it took to run slide across the street for a picture of the house. Notice the lack of snow on the roof? It's super windy out there, there are little snow tornado's flying around the neighborhood, and a good size drift (ha! about ten inches) on our front walk.

The drive is also iced, and with it's natural slope it would make for some great sledding/sliding. Our neighbor left his sprinkler system running last night so there is a nice little pond that is rapidly freezing at the bottom. And see the tire tracks? Chris went to work this morning, I think secretly he was a little excited about testing the Beast's limits although I'm pretty sure the 1/4 of a mile walk from the parking lot to his office was painful.

Hopefully the wind will die down and we'll be able to venture out later!

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  1. It's pretty bitter outside! Your drive looks fun to slide down!!!