Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bradley Babies at Our House!

Today our Bradley friends came to visit. We had lunch and the babies got to play. It's so fun getting to see how each one is changing, they are getting so big! And getting to talk with other moms is such a pick me up. Thanks for coming over guys!
Big kid William! He is super skilled in the crawling department, he can really get around! He also waves, which is so very cute.
Sweet Charlotte! I think she is going to be quite the fashionista, outfit changes seem to be her thing;) Even though she is the youngest of the group she can hold her own at sitting up...and didn't even cringed when Otto pulled her over. 
Miss Joss! Such an observant little girl. She has the cutest quizzical look when she is trying to figure you out. Such a beautiful kiddo.
After our last get together Otto slept a solid ten hours, let's hope for a repeat performance! I gave him a pep talk before bed, cross you fingers that it worked!

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  1. How cool that you've all stayed in touch! Playdates are the BEST pick-me-up! :)