Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back to the Teeth

UPDATED: Otto has two new teeth! His lower left lateral (n) came through last night and the upper right lateral (d) this morning. Yay buddy, you're 35% of the way to a full set!

We skipped church this morning because both of the guys woke up feeling yucky. Otto is working on TWO teeth (both have split the gum tissue but aren't visible yet), and Chris has something wonky going on with his back.  After a late breakfast we bought Otto a (miniature) high chair, but sadly when I took the silly thing out of the box it was broken. So we'll have to exchange it when he is feeling better.

While at breakfast, Otto snuck several pieces (like 15) of hash browns off my plate. He loved them, but was a little surprised that I was letting him eat big people food. He had no trouble chewing and swallowing, so we picked up some teething biscuits while we were out.
 He thought they were very delicious. So did Chris and I, dang things taste like a shortbread cookie! Pretty sure these things are going to be dessert if  he eats all of his peas.
 He loved that it crunched right in half!
Yummy, yummy!


  1. I love the aggressive face he is making in the 2nd picture! He is just so cute, and getting so big!!

  2. a real proper child, terribly cute!