Monday, February 7, 2011

6 Months Old!

Otto is six months old! (six months, two weeks to be exact) It's crazy to think that he is already half way through his first year, time is just flying by! To celebrate we went visit Sarah and take pictures!

Look at this big beautiful boy! This is my favorite picture from the shoot, it's so him.
Today we went to the pediatrician for his six month check-up. Otto was a hot mess, he took a two hour nap to 'prepare' for his appointment, and was all over the place. About three seconds after we got there the exam room was destroyed. He tore the table paper into thirty-seven pieces and scattered it across the floor, had to touch all the walls, and exhausted every toy I had hidden in my bag. And we still had time to kill! So we nursed, but he was too busy to really be interested, so of course when Dr. Elliot walks into the room he pops off and grins at him. And I, once again, flash the pediatrician. We both pretended it didn't happen, but it did.

His stats from this appointment were:
20 pounds 8 ounces--95th percentile! (Apparently, his growth chart was marked incorrectly at his last appointment, home skillet was never in the 65th percentile.)
28 inches tall--95th percentile!
At six months he is super squirmy, tries to wiggle away during diaper changes, and can almost get up on all fours. And talk about flexible, it's amazing how bendy he is.

He has four teeth! The top right came in on Sunday morning. Sophie is still his favorite teether, possibly his favorite toy, she's the best. 
He talks all the time and loves to explore/touch new things.
He gives kisses and hugs, generally when he's being sweet but sometimes he has alterior motives. Just today I was taking him into his room for a nap and he started fussing and kissing my shoulder. I guess he was trying to get me to change my mind. He will also give you a kiss to make you stop kissing him.
At his appointment Otto got two shots. The nurse, Joyce, who gives them is very quick and does a great job but of course he cried for a moment. I gave him a hug and his new blue dinosaur (compliments of Dr. Elliot) and everything was better. Joyce turned to leave and Otto reached out and gave her a hug and a kiss. Such a sweet boy! I think he was trying to reassure her that he was okay. She melted and told 'Oh-doe' he had made her day. (I've corrected her several times, but she still can't pronounce his name.)
He is getting so big and changing so much. We are amazed at all the new things he is figuring out; he's pretty much the most fantastic and lovable baby ever!
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  1. I love him, but I like him too.

  2. You babies are wonderful ! Love you...

  3. You have such a gorgeous little guy, but I'm sure you already know that ;). We took our own kissy face pictures of Jax a week ago for Valentine's day. I saw the idea while I was pregnant and knew I wanted to give it a try someday. Love the pics :)!