Saturday, February 12, 2011

20 Minute Stomach Virus?

Yesterday Otto woke up from his mid day nap with the plague. He had had a normal morning, had eaten well, and fallen asleep with no fussing. I sat him on his play mat and as soon as a walked away the poor little guy vomited everywhere. We rushed to the bath, but after cleaning up and putting on a fresh pair of jammies, he got sick again. I stripped him down and grabbed a couple of burp rags, which turned out to be very helpful because he was sick twice more. He was such a trooper, I would have been a miserable pile of goo on the floor at this point, but he was very content to cuddle and watch Baby Einstein on my iPhone. After about an hour and a half of (cheerful!) playtime he fell asleep on top of a beach towel on our bed.

When he woke up I spoon fed him one teaspoon of expressed breast milk every five minutes, per the pediatrician's advice. Their idea was to hydrate him without his stomach catching on. Otto was not cool with this idea. He was STARVING! It was four o'clock and he hadn't eaten since 11:15 but all of that (and probably his breakfast too) had come back up. I put him in his jumperoo to distract him between bites, which helped but every time I walked by he would stretch his little neck up and open his mouth like a baby bird. Very cute. After thirty minutes of this, he could take it no longer. I put some milk in his sippy cup, assuming it would take him a bit to get it out, thus continuing the slow feed. Boy was I wrong. He guzzled it down! I guess this will be our way to 'bottle feed' so I can leave him for longer periods of time? (ha!)

He slept pretty well last night and now seems to be doing great, just a little stuffy, but that could be from all the stuff that revisited. :( Hopefully this was just a brief bug he caught from his doctor's appointment and it's completely behind us now.

A humorous note about all of this? While he was napping I gathered up all of the contaminated clothing and towels and threw them in the washer. I must not having been paying much attention  and didn't check to see it the washing machine was empty. I have a habit of putting  new clothes that need to be washed on top of the washer and had done this with the wind suit my Mom picked up when she babysat him. It must have fallen in because when I transferred the load to the dryer I realized I had washed it too...on it's hangers. *head/desk*

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