Sunday, February 27, 2011

Back to the Teeth

UPDATED: Otto has two new teeth! His lower left lateral (n) came through last night and the upper right lateral (d) this morning. Yay buddy, you're 35% of the way to a full set!

We skipped church this morning because both of the guys woke up feeling yucky. Otto is working on TWO teeth (both have split the gum tissue but aren't visible yet), and Chris has something wonky going on with his back.  After a late breakfast we bought Otto a (miniature) high chair, but sadly when I took the silly thing out of the box it was broken. So we'll have to exchange it when he is feeling better.

While at breakfast, Otto snuck several pieces (like 15) of hash browns off my plate. He loved them, but was a little surprised that I was letting him eat big people food. He had no trouble chewing and swallowing, so we picked up some teething biscuits while we were out.
 He thought they were very delicious. So did Chris and I, dang things taste like a shortbread cookie! Pretty sure these things are going to be dessert if  he eats all of his peas.
 He loved that it crunched right in half!
Yummy, yummy!

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Nana Comes to Visit!

Lisa came to visit today! Otto loved getting to see his Nana, and so did we!
We went to lunch at Springcreek before a trip to Central Market. (Never gets old, love that place!) I think Lisa enjoyed wandering the store almost as much as I did:)

The weather was beautiful today and Otto showed his Nana how much he likes to play in the grass. He thinks it looks delicious!
See Nana? I pick it up and eat it! Very tasty, and full of fiber.
My mother-in-law is a lot of fun. She recently bought a new wheelbarrow, and since it was in the back of her car she pulled it out for Otto to ride in. 
She's a great sport and was easily convinced to ride with him.
Chris decided that a little 'off roading' was necessary. After all, it is made by Jeep.
Then for some reason they got the bright idea that I should take a ride. Being such a polite hostess, I did. In a slightly above the knee skirt. As soon as I climbed in our next door neighbors drove by and stopped to chat...awkward!
This is the most dignified face I could muster up while sitting in a wheelbarrow.
Lisa, you are in trouble now!
Chris, what are you doing?! NO!
Thankfully we survived. How delightful would it have been to be topple over while wearing a skirt? Pretty sure we solidified our redneck status with the neighbors:)
Otto thought it was terrific, he's really beginning to enjoy 'big kid' things. Like making a mess while eating, playing in the dirt, and being tossed in the air.
Lisa, we loved having you visit, come back anytime!

Friday, February 25, 2011

Seven Months!

This big kid turned seven months old today!
At seven months Otto is an accomplished sitter, but would rather stand than practice crawling. (He does, however think it is hilarious when we crawl around to demonstrate.)
Tummy time is very limited, because although he knows how to roll from tummy to back he rarely does it. And when I say rarely, I mean never. About five minutes on his stomach turns him into this beast.
Or this sad little man. (New development this month, he generally fights being on his stomach.)
Occasionally, at nap time, he will fall asleep on his stomach, but when he wakes up you know it immediately:)

He thinks that he is 'so big', and with his toothy grin (five teeth) and impressive size, he really is. He loves it when you get down on the floor to play with him and will show you his toys one by one.
If he wants something out of his reach he will scoot forward on his bottom (sitting position) using his hands. He can propel himself about a foot doing this before diving headlong into his target. If he really wants something and you are supporting him around the middle he can easily push himself into a standing position. His reach/grasp skills are terrific and anything he picks up heads directly to his mouth.

He eats peaches, pears, apples, green beans, peas, squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes (2 ounces, twice a day).  Fruit is his favorite, but squash is pretty delicious too. I think his main hold up with vegetables is the thickness of the puree. I let him gum on a piece of bread a few days ago and he LOVED it. Probably because he was getting to eat what we were.  He also has mad sippy cup skills and gets really excited when he sees it.
He is one bendy kid, chewing on his feet for kicks and can curl his toes. He wears a size 4 diaper and 12 month clothing almost exclusively, some 9 month things still fit when stretched:)
Blowing raspberries is super fun, especially at meal time. And especially if he is being fed vegetables. Sounds amaze him. If the radio is on he will search the room for the person singing, and he uses toys and his palm to bang pat things to hear the noise. He is also a great little copy cat and will try to imitate sounds and movements that you make.
When examining something new he will touch it with just one finger. (I almost caught it in this picture) I think we try to keep this going in the future..." You can touch it, but only use one finger." Hopefully this will decrease the number of 'You break, you buy' purchases we make over the next few years.

Everyday brings a new development with our little man and we are loving it! Happy seven months Otto!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Teeth (Part two)

Otto is feeling much better! It seems like teething has given us a few days off. Let's hope it last through the weekend, Nana and Lala are coming to visit!
Our cheerful, inquisitive little man is back! Still chewing on everything in sight, but he has shaken off the grump. He still has his moments of solemness but they are few and far between, like right after a nap when Mommy wants to take pictures:)
(Are you loving the daisy dukes?! I pulled out a box of summer clothes, and guess what? 95% of it is too small. Shocker.)
This little sheep is one of his favorite toys, second only to the pink pig. (Man after my own heart:))

And look at these crazy teeth! The new one is still too short to be seen but it is right next to the longer one on top.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Today Otto and I spent a little time organizing the catastrophe that is our garage...having a garage is very convenient for hiding random boxes of stuff:)
Excuse his outfit, we both had a pajama day. There will be no pictures of me. And look, progress! (Yes, we keep the toilet scrubby thing in the garage...way too nasty to keep inside.)
This teething early thing is a killer...poor dude can't catch a break and he doesn't understand why he hurts, although I'm glad he seems to be getting it all done at once.  Tooth number five (upper left lateral) came through this morning, silly thing came in so forcefully Otto has a blood blister on his gums:( Number six is visible but hasn't broken through quite yet, so we have a few more days of yuckiness ahead of us.

We've tried just about everything trying to find some relief--frozen wash clothes, ice cube in those little mesh net things, new teethers, old teethers, distractions, cuddles, pain medicine--nothing helps for long. Poor kiddo is exhausted, sleeping well is not happening right now. Tylenol does help, but its temporary and you can tell it's only masking the real issue. 
He tries so hard to be cheerful, but his tolerance level for just about everything is very low right now. I'm ready for happy Otto to return, any suggestions?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Happy Birthday Addison!

Today is Addison's (Otto's only cousin) first birthday! Although she is currently living in Korea, and thus celebrated yesterday, she was born here in Texas so today is technically her birthday right? We can't wait to see her (and her mommy!) when they come back for a visit next month! Hope you had a wonderful day pretty girl!

Otto is having a rough day, I think more teeth are in the works, all he wants to do is chew on everything and be held. Poor kiddo. He just went down for his third nap of the day, something that generally doesn't happen until three or four, teething really wears him out.
This morning we went park hopping hoping all the new environments would distract him. Since moving we haven't really explored what our new community has to offer.

First time on a swing! He wasn't really all that impressed...chewing on his overalls was much more entertaining. 
It took a bit of craziness on my part to get him to even look at the camera.  He really enjoyed swinging when he forgot about his teeth, he even let out a few bouts of giddy laughter.
But the lure of the overalls was just too strong...
I tried facing him the other direction thinking maybe a change of scenery would do the trick, but no go.
"You should really try these, they're delicious!"
So being the nice mommy that I am, and really wanting a good picture him to enjoy swinging, I took his overalls off. He was not amused.

Oh well, we'll just have to go back!
*excuse the reoccurring black spot on his face, a piece of dust was on the lens.*

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Boo boo's :(

I've had a great day, even took a nap! But, my boys? Not so much.

Tonight at dinner Otto face planted into the edge of the table while sitting on my lap.  It resulted in a very dramatic reaction (granted, this one was quite justified) and a bump next to the corner of his right eye. 
Excuse the sqirminess of this picture, he wanted OFF the couch. Arching and sliding? We are so there. Also, check out those teeth!
And this morning before work Chris ran into the bathroom cabinet. He put on a bandaid to protect his dress slacks...
...can you imagine taking that band-aid off? Ouch!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Bradley Babies at Our House!

Today our Bradley friends came to visit. We had lunch and the babies got to play. It's so fun getting to see how each one is changing, they are getting so big! And getting to talk with other moms is such a pick me up. Thanks for coming over guys!
Big kid William! He is super skilled in the crawling department, he can really get around! He also waves, which is so very cute.
Sweet Charlotte! I think she is going to be quite the fashionista, outfit changes seem to be her thing;) Even though she is the youngest of the group she can hold her own at sitting up...and didn't even cringed when Otto pulled her over. 
Miss Joss! Such an observant little girl. She has the cutest quizzical look when she is trying to figure you out. Such a beautiful kiddo.
After our last get together Otto slept a solid ten hours, let's hope for a repeat performance! I gave him a pep talk before bed, cross you fingers that it worked!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

20 Minute Stomach Virus?

Yesterday Otto woke up from his mid day nap with the plague. He had had a normal morning, had eaten well, and fallen asleep with no fussing. I sat him on his play mat and as soon as a walked away the poor little guy vomited everywhere. We rushed to the bath, but after cleaning up and putting on a fresh pair of jammies, he got sick again. I stripped him down and grabbed a couple of burp rags, which turned out to be very helpful because he was sick twice more. He was such a trooper, I would have been a miserable pile of goo on the floor at this point, but he was very content to cuddle and watch Baby Einstein on my iPhone. After about an hour and a half of (cheerful!) playtime he fell asleep on top of a beach towel on our bed.

When he woke up I spoon fed him one teaspoon of expressed breast milk every five minutes, per the pediatrician's advice. Their idea was to hydrate him without his stomach catching on. Otto was not cool with this idea. He was STARVING! It was four o'clock and he hadn't eaten since 11:15 but all of that (and probably his breakfast too) had come back up. I put him in his jumperoo to distract him between bites, which helped but every time I walked by he would stretch his little neck up and open his mouth like a baby bird. Very cute. After thirty minutes of this, he could take it no longer. I put some milk in his sippy cup, assuming it would take him a bit to get it out, thus continuing the slow feed. Boy was I wrong. He guzzled it down! I guess this will be our way to 'bottle feed' so I can leave him for longer periods of time? (ha!)

He slept pretty well last night and now seems to be doing great, just a little stuffy, but that could be from all the stuff that revisited. :( Hopefully this was just a brief bug he caught from his doctor's appointment and it's completely behind us now.

A humorous note about all of this? While he was napping I gathered up all of the contaminated clothing and towels and threw them in the washer. I must not having been paying much attention  and didn't check to see it the washing machine was empty. I have a habit of putting  new clothes that need to be washed on top of the washer and had done this with the wind suit my Mom picked up when she babysat him. It must have fallen in because when I transferred the load to the dryer I realized I had washed it too...on it's hangers. *head/desk*

Friday, February 11, 2011

Grandma Daycare

To maintain my hygiene license I am required to take continuing education classes every year. This is generally no more than a day or two sitting in dry lectures and you're done. But when you have a little munchkin who nurses and will not take a bottle, it's a problem. He's not exactly a quiet baby, so taking him along to the class wasn't an option. My Mom and little sister generously agreed to spend the day in Tyler while I was in class and bring Otto to me when he needed a nursing break.
Now, Otto and I are pretty tight. We spend 24/7 together and I really haven't left him, and when I do it's with his Dad or while he's sleeping, and then it's only for short periods. So, naturally, I was a little nervous about spending the day away from him; I even woke up with heartburn. :( He was not so stressed, practically said, " Don't let the door hit you on the way out. I'm going to hang out with my Aunt Abbey."  She is one of his favorite people. I really have to thank my Mom, every time I had a break she was waiting with him outside, completely humoring my craziness.

When I woke up that morning this was on the dining room table. I think Israel knew I was a little nervous about the day;)
Chocolate kisses

I really shouldn't have been worried. My Mom does have seven children, she's pretty good at taking care of babies. He had a great time, and they sent me pictures all day to keep me updated on their activities. I got this one about three minutes after getting out of the truck complete with the caption, "He is fine:)"
Otto and I seem to attract grandpa's in grocery stores, they love to talk to him. I almost laughed out loud when I got this picture and the message, "No old men yet but a couple of older women.".
He even napped! Twice! They have skills, I tell you.  "Sleeping like a baby;) I'll get Abbey to take a picture, he is snoring."
They took him shopping and every time I ran out the the parking lot to feed him, he had a new bib or outfit. He even got to visit Andy's Custard for the first time.
After lunch, he went to visit his MG's work.
Where he learned about running a milk plant.

And mauled loved on all of the ladies in the office.
They liked him enough to give him his own hairnet:)
They picked me up right on time, and we headed back to my parents for an (extended) weekend stay thanks to the weather.

After all my spazzing out and worst case scenario planning, everything was fine. He did great, I didn't stroke out, and I think my Mom and Abbey enjoyed themselves. Getting over the hump and actually leaving him is over and it was okay. Maybe sometime in the future Chris and I will actually have a date night...maybe. :)

Just for laughs, this is a picture of how the exam room at the pediatrician's looked after we'd been there five minutes. High energy kid!