Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Trip

Spontaneous weekend trip no less. 

I had been giving Chris a hard time about how routine our lives have become, and how we rarely deviate from the norm. His reply, 'Be ready to leave when I get home. We're going to East Texas for the weekend.' So we did. :)

We drove straight to Juan and Lisa's, arriving about 10:00 pm. Sadly, I lost my bet that Lisa would answer the door with a weapon of some kind and then start crying....
We stayed the night at Holly Lake Ranch, and in the morning Chris met up with Shawn and Leo (Shawn's father) to play golf. Otto and I got to sleep in:) 
After golf, we went to Shawn's parents for dinner to celebrate Shawn's 27th birthday. Otto met Janay (Shawn's sister) and fell in love. He was perfectly content to hang out with her for most of the evening.
 Leo catching a few zzzz's after schooling Chris and Shawn at golf.  (The cute puppy's name is Charlie.)
Happy Birthday Shawn!
Janay, Sonia, Jessica, and Nan
Chris, Tony, Shawn, Ryan, and Leo
On Sunday afternoon we stopped by my parents for a surprise visit before heading home. They were shocked to see us;)
And Otto was pretty glad to see them, he even put on his camouflage pants so he and Uncle Israel could match.
Teaching Uncle Israel how to wrestle.
Abbey was thrilled that we brought 'her' baby to visit.
We had a fun, fast weekend and enjoyed getting to see everyone. And tomorrow Otto and I are driving to Bryan to spend a few days with Sarah, Hannah, and Samuel. Woot! 


  1. I noticed Israel has loosened up and isn't doing the football head hold any