Sunday, January 9, 2011

Otto's first snow!

(On the outside at least...last February we had quite the blizzard, twelve inches in just a few hours!)

It's snowing here!
We took Otto outside, well bundled up in fleece pajamas and his (only worn once) winter coat.
He wasn't quite sure about it at first and was more interested in the zipper on his coat.

Isn't he the cutest?! (I say that every post, don't I? Sorry! I'm super biased.)
Love the fuzzy hair, forgot to comb it down last night after his bath. Who am I kidding, I didn't comb it down on's hysterical!
(Please excuse the roots, I'm trying to decided the best plan of attack to fix that issue...more blond or back to the original color?)

Like true Texans, we are staying put. We're stocked on groceries (ha!) and plan on making chicken soup, watching movies, drink hot chocolate, and enjoy a day at home.


  1. They had two other shapes of teapots like mine varying a little in color I Preston had not been with me I would have bought them all! I'm so addicted to that wonderful place!

    Im thinking more blond ... And you're right he is pretty darn cute!

  2. I thought Of you when we were going though Fortworth!We couldn't really see in the car!

  3. That is awesome!! It is pretty, but i'm hoping we don't get as much as we did last year! As far as the blonde or natural, you look gorgeous either way!!

  4. I am currently going back to natural because blond is expensive. I love the length though. Beautiful.