Thursday, January 13, 2011

He Eats!

Otto started solids at the beginning of the year, and he loves them! We started with a mixed grain cereal that contained probiotics hoping to encourage his sluggish digestive system.
No go, and the stuff tasted awful! No wonder the poor guy was making faces, all of the sudden his milk tasted like paste! (Chris and I tried it, mixed with water, blech!) And after eating it he broke out in hives on his chin:( So we switched cereals, tried them all...oats, rice nothing really agrees with him, although oats seem to be the worst culprit.

But who wants to eat that yucky stuff anyway? We've moved on to straight fruits and veggies. Here are some pictures of him trying carrots (organic, steamed and pureed) for the first time.

Bring on the carrots!

First bite...

I think the texture was a little strange:)

But not strange enough, he wanted more.

He loved them!
Because of his digestive issues, (ie: I'm getting gray hair over his lack of dirty diapers) we have also introduced a sippy cup. For constipation in adults the advice is drink more water and eat plenty of fiber. We have added fiber to his diet through foods, and now water. He LOVES it and it really seems to be helping.

He hasn't quite grasped the sucking needed to drink from his cup, but chewing on the spout is one of his favorite activities. Most of what he does manage to get out soaks the front of his shirt so I'm not too worried about him filling up on water.
The first time we gave it to him, he got so frustrated and decided that using it as a glass was more fun. Both Chris and Otto were dripping wet by the time he was done:)
Along with the carrots, he has now tried apples, pears, and spinach. Apples are his favorite by far, and he tolerated the spinach, but only because eating with a spoon is fun.


  1. Reid has a sluggish digestive system too! It looks like it hurts him every time he has to poop! I can't stand it!

  2. Pretty amazing how fascinated he is with the spoon, won't be long at all and he'll want to try that by himself. A "can do"baby just like his momma.

  3. With a sippy cup - I got one with a removable valve (specifically we use a gerber one with a little bit of rubber in the spout cause she chews on it a lot too) and I took the valve out for a few tries so that Sam learned that liquid came out. After a few of those tries (yes, everyone was a little wet) she could suck on it well enough with the valve in.