Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Great Day.

Today was a great day.

It started off with eight and a half solid hours of sleep for me and eleven for Otto! He only woke up once (big progress) last night about 10:30, but only needed about five minutes of fussing and a hug before going right back to bed. Yay buddy! I think he might have heard me telling Chris that I wasn't going to nurse him back to sleep in the middle of the night anymore. Once I might be able to handle, but he has been making a habit of waking two or three times just for a snack:( Equals a groggy mommy and an unrested grumpy baby during the day.

I had a really good cup of coffee (Texas Pecan from Central Market) followed by a Mountain Dew. Caffeine, check. After coffee, Otto showed me his brand new tooth! (top left) That makes tooth number three and he's not even six months, crazy!

Then we headed out the door for half price day at Goodwill. I found a box of 12 new mason jars for a quarter each, lots of board books for Otto, a tweed jacket that is going to turn into a sewing project, and this great lamp for only 3.50!

And the final great event of the day? The Aggies are going to BTHO t.u. men's basketball tonight! Whoop!

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