Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas 2010 (Part Four) (This is it, I promise!)

So, you know how I am addicted like to bargain shop right? Well, last week I had Chris tag along on a trip to Goodwill. I needed him to wrangle Otto so I could be hands free for all the sweet rummaging goodness. While browsing through the store he found an old leather jacket. And fell in love. The man really wanted this beat-up well loved jacket. I talked him out of it. For the next three days he kept reminding me about it, showed me several comparable coats online that cost ridiculous amounts,and tried to convince me in every way possible that he really needed that jacket. On the third day of 'all jacket all the time' I went back to the store to pick it up.

Little did he know, I had bought it the day after our first visit, and after trying to clean it, hung it in our closet. The closet he gets dressed in everyday. It hung there for two days before I wrapped it and put it in the box of gifts going to my parents. If the jacket was a snake, Chris would be dead, just saying...

Otto and I sent him a series of pictures via text message to keep him updated about our trip.
Me: Here!
Chris: Just had a little heart flutter. Nothing major. (Gosh, think he was excited much?)
It couldn't have been more perfect, when we walked into the store a couple was browsing through the coats section...I quickly took a picture to send to Chris. Taking the picture earned me a death glare from the lady. Oh the things I will do to pull off a prank.

Me: Someone is looking at them!
Chris: I told you! (He actually typed 'I old you!' The man was nervous someone was going to get 'his' jacket. Bwhahaha! )

Me:'s gone! Not kidding.
Me: I'm really sorry! (Whatever! By this point I was ecstatic the plan was going so well.)

No reply from Chris, so being such a good wife I called to rub it in check on him. He was sooo disappointed. He really thought that it was gone for good. I almost broke and spilled the beans when he came home and went straight to bed to 'nap'. That's Chris code for 'I'm grumpy and need to be alone.' He had the same reaction when I dyed my hair brown. The man was upset.

Thursday morning came (our Christmas) and Chris opened his gifts. Sweater, some music CD's, new socks, I even wrapped disposable flossers to throw him off track. Man, I'm mean. Friday at his parents, still no jacket. I wanted to be sure he really thought it was gone.

On Saturday when we exchanged gifts with my family, I slipped the jacket, conveniently wrapped in paper that my Mom has too, into Chris' pile. Success! The man had no clue! He told me later that his first thought was, 'How in the world did they drive all the way to Fort Worth and pick this up?!'

The evil cockles of my heart are positively glowing in this picture:)

He was so excited! And couldn't believe that I had been able to keep it a secret. And I am so grateful to be married to a man who thinks that a pre-loved Goodwill jacket is THE BEST GIFT EVER. Because, you know, thrift store shopping is how I roll.

Now he says he owes me...Bring it Weldy, I'm not afraid. 

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