Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Time!

Today Otto and I met up with the other babies (and mamas!) from our Bradley class. It was great to get to together and see how much the little ones have changed.

Joss' mom, Kala, hosted and made a delicious lasagna for lunch. So yummy, and she used turkey instead of beef, something I will be trying next time, it was amazing. Look at how much this sweet girl has changed! She is so strong and can almost pull herself into a sitting position from laying on her back!
She was very generous and shared her toys with Otto. (And the ones that she didn't share? He just reached over and took them. Yes, I do believe I have THAT child.)

The only problem is that he is a little bit heavier than she is...

Charlotte! I just love her name. (It was the leader of our girl's list for quite some time.) She is the peanut of the group, the youngest by a month. It's hard to remember Otto being this size!
William enjoyed some lunch during our visit. Yummy sweet potatoes and turkey!

All cleaned up after eating, isn't he darling? 
 It was so great to talk with other mom's who are at the exact same place in life. Can't wait until for the next get together!

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