Sunday, January 30, 2011


Just in case you were wondering, being bitten by someone with three teeth is just about as painful as being chomped on by someone with a full set.

Otto was frustrated with me this afternoon and to get my attention he clamped down on my jaw. And he didn't let go until Chris got right in his face despite me giving him a swift smack on his (well padded) tush. Ouch! I had a perfect set of his teeth imprinted on my face for a couple of hours after:( Needless to say, I think we have reach the age where he will have to learn that biting is not an appropriate way to get Mommy's attention. Suggestions?

Monday, January 24, 2011

Weekend Trip

Spontaneous weekend trip no less. 

I had been giving Chris a hard time about how routine our lives have become, and how we rarely deviate from the norm. His reply, 'Be ready to leave when I get home. We're going to East Texas for the weekend.' So we did. :)

We drove straight to Juan and Lisa's, arriving about 10:00 pm. Sadly, I lost my bet that Lisa would answer the door with a weapon of some kind and then start crying....
We stayed the night at Holly Lake Ranch, and in the morning Chris met up with Shawn and Leo (Shawn's father) to play golf. Otto and I got to sleep in:) 
After golf, we went to Shawn's parents for dinner to celebrate Shawn's 27th birthday. Otto met Janay (Shawn's sister) and fell in love. He was perfectly content to hang out with her for most of the evening.
 Leo catching a few zzzz's after schooling Chris and Shawn at golf.  (The cute puppy's name is Charlie.)
Happy Birthday Shawn!
Janay, Sonia, Jessica, and Nan
Chris, Tony, Shawn, Ryan, and Leo
On Sunday afternoon we stopped by my parents for a surprise visit before heading home. They were shocked to see us;)
And Otto was pretty glad to see them, he even put on his camouflage pants so he and Uncle Israel could match.
Teaching Uncle Israel how to wrestle.
Abbey was thrilled that we brought 'her' baby to visit.
We had a fun, fast weekend and enjoyed getting to see everyone. And tomorrow Otto and I are driving to Bryan to spend a few days with Sarah, Hannah, and Samuel. Woot! 

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Great Day.

Today was a great day.

It started off with eight and a half solid hours of sleep for me and eleven for Otto! He only woke up once (big progress) last night about 10:30, but only needed about five minutes of fussing and a hug before going right back to bed. Yay buddy! I think he might have heard me telling Chris that I wasn't going to nurse him back to sleep in the middle of the night anymore. Once I might be able to handle, but he has been making a habit of waking two or three times just for a snack:( Equals a groggy mommy and an unrested grumpy baby during the day.

I had a really good cup of coffee (Texas Pecan from Central Market) followed by a Mountain Dew. Caffeine, check. After coffee, Otto showed me his brand new tooth! (top left) That makes tooth number three and he's not even six months, crazy!

Then we headed out the door for half price day at Goodwill. I found a box of 12 new mason jars for a quarter each, lots of board books for Otto, a tweed jacket that is going to turn into a sewing project, and this great lamp for only 3.50!

And the final great event of the day? The Aggies are going to BTHO t.u. men's basketball tonight! Whoop!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Baby Time!

Today Otto and I met up with the other babies (and mamas!) from our Bradley class. It was great to get to together and see how much the little ones have changed.

Joss' mom, Kala, hosted and made a delicious lasagna for lunch. So yummy, and she used turkey instead of beef, something I will be trying next time, it was amazing. Look at how much this sweet girl has changed! She is so strong and can almost pull herself into a sitting position from laying on her back!
She was very generous and shared her toys with Otto. (And the ones that she didn't share? He just reached over and took them. Yes, I do believe I have THAT child.)

The only problem is that he is a little bit heavier than she is...

Charlotte! I just love her name. (It was the leader of our girl's list for quite some time.) She is the peanut of the group, the youngest by a month. It's hard to remember Otto being this size!
William enjoyed some lunch during our visit. Yummy sweet potatoes and turkey!

All cleaned up after eating, isn't he darling? 
 It was so great to talk with other mom's who are at the exact same place in life. Can't wait until for the next get together!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Otto Picture Montage

Because he's cute. And my only target during the day.

And believe it or not I don't post every single picture we take of him....just the few that are in focus and he's not blinking in;)

Friday, January 14, 2011

Funny Videos

When Abbey, Michael, and my Mom came to visit last week we took some videos. I finally sat down and created a youtube account so I could upload them.

Minky and Otto:)

Abbey and Otto:)

Michael and Otto:)

All the horse back riding? They aren't kidding, it's practice for the real deal. They tried to talk my Dad into letting them buy Otto a pony for Christmas. Because, you know, a five month old needs a pony. :)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

He Eats!

Otto started solids at the beginning of the year, and he loves them! We started with a mixed grain cereal that contained probiotics hoping to encourage his sluggish digestive system.
No go, and the stuff tasted awful! No wonder the poor guy was making faces, all of the sudden his milk tasted like paste! (Chris and I tried it, mixed with water, blech!) And after eating it he broke out in hives on his chin:( So we switched cereals, tried them all...oats, rice nothing really agrees with him, although oats seem to be the worst culprit.

But who wants to eat that yucky stuff anyway? We've moved on to straight fruits and veggies. Here are some pictures of him trying carrots (organic, steamed and pureed) for the first time.

Bring on the carrots!

First bite...

I think the texture was a little strange:)

But not strange enough, he wanted more.

He loved them!
Because of his digestive issues, (ie: I'm getting gray hair over his lack of dirty diapers) we have also introduced a sippy cup. For constipation in adults the advice is drink more water and eat plenty of fiber. We have added fiber to his diet through foods, and now water. He LOVES it and it really seems to be helping.

He hasn't quite grasped the sucking needed to drink from his cup, but chewing on the spout is one of his favorite activities. Most of what he does manage to get out soaks the front of his shirt so I'm not too worried about him filling up on water.
The first time we gave it to him, he got so frustrated and decided that using it as a glass was more fun. Both Chris and Otto were dripping wet by the time he was done:)
Along with the carrots, he has now tried apples, pears, and spinach. Apples are his favorite by far, and he tolerated the spinach, but only because eating with a spoon is fun.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Otto's first snow!

(On the outside at least...last February we had quite the blizzard, twelve inches in just a few hours!)

It's snowing here!
We took Otto outside, well bundled up in fleece pajamas and his (only worn once) winter coat.
He wasn't quite sure about it at first and was more interested in the zipper on his coat.

Isn't he the cutest?! (I say that every post, don't I? Sorry! I'm super biased.)
Love the fuzzy hair, forgot to comb it down last night after his bath. Who am I kidding, I didn't comb it down on's hysterical!
(Please excuse the roots, I'm trying to decided the best plan of attack to fix that issue...more blond or back to the original color?)

Like true Texans, we are staying put. We're stocked on groceries (ha!) and plan on making chicken soup, watching movies, drink hot chocolate, and enjoy a day at home.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

How cute is this?!

My Mom, Abbey, and Michael came to visit on Thursday. They got to stay the night and spend some time with Otto and I on Friday. We all loved getting to see them, especially Otto! It took him a moment to warm back up to Michael, but by the time my family left they were buddies again. Otto woke up from his nap and kept looking for Michael and Abbey:)

Can you tell he loved having them here?
He was showing off his jumping skills while Abbey took a video and Michael took these photos.
And guess what?! Abbey made Otto a mohawk hat to match Michael's!
He is so stinking cute in it! 
Having a little boy is sooo much fun! I don't think a little girl would be quite so excited about rocking the punk look:)  
And today is my Mom's birthday! Happy Birthday Mom! She shares a birthday with R. Kelly, David Bowie, Stephen Hawking, and Elvis--but I'm pretty sure she's the coolest one of the group:)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Such a Big Boy!

See this big kid? With his almost stable sitting up skills...
And his fuzzy morning hair...
And his very inquisitive nature...
His super cuteness...
And his first born tendencies...
Hi Aunt Hannah!
And his hilarious little sneezes...
 And his two front teeth...
Slept in his own bed, in his own room, last night! Yay Otto! And he did great!
(And of course I didn't sleep in the guest room and check on him eleventy billion times. That would make me weird and over protective. And Chris didn't laugh at me and then grab his alarm clock and join me. No, of course not.)