Friday, December 30, 2011


Mass amount of pictures from Christmas with our families!

We started our Christmas celebrations on Friday, Christmas Eve'e eve, with presents and a slow day together at home. Otto's reaction when he woke up was perfect. When I carried him into the living room he let out an impressed, 'Wow!'. He did a great job opening his gifts and I think the favorite of the day was his baby doll, he loves her!
Blurry, but look at that face! He was so excited!
On Saturday morning we drove to East Texas and spent Christmas Eve with Chris' family at Angela and Justin's house.
Angela and Justin
Opening his stocking
Nana and Papa
Otto styled his puppy jammies and opened even more presents and enjoyed delicious food.
Cars! (The smaller the car, the louder the little boy sound effect)
The desk that Nana made him! Perfect for coloring.
On Sunday we got up and drove a few miles down the road to my parents house. All of my siblings and my Dad's parents were able to make it in and it was great to get to spend the day with everyone. My camera battery gave me fits the entire trip and wouldn't hold a charge, at this point I gave up and borrowed all of these pictures from Michael. Thanks buddy!

There were even more presents for the munchkin and more food for me! Otto wasn't really into the wrapping paper this year, he was much more excited about what was in the package! He only tore off enough to see what was in the gift:)
Styling his new shades from Stuart
Kyle and Sarah
Uncle Israel in his gilley suit. Otto wasn't so sure about it.
Presents! (My Nana in the background)
Hannah and Samuel (Only picture I had of you guys, sorry!)
Yes, we're a 4-H family:)
Baby Dos was there too!

Hope your holiday was as great as ours!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Twenty-two Weeks}

Twenty-two weeks, dang. That makes me hungry. 

The Highlights:
How far along: Twenty-two weeks, in case you missed the first two mentions in this post.
How big is baby: Eleven inches, almost a pound. And according to BabyCenter, the size of a spaghetti squash...but that would be a really skinny spaghetti squash in my opinion.
Weight gain/loss: My morning scale says eight pounds. I'm sure the one at the doctor's office would say thirty; it's mean like that. (And honest.)
Maternity clothes: I got down the box, and it's now sitting on the closet far I've only used the belly band and transition jeans. (You know, the pair you bought post baby as you slowly shrank to a new normal? Or was that just me...)
Stretch marks: Yes.
Sleep: Hard to fall asleep this week, but sleeping like a rock when I do!
Best Moment of the Week: Feeling this little person move!
Movement: Picking up a little. Chris got to feel it too! (On Christmas Eve's eve, our little family's Christmas, so perfect timing!)
Food Cravings: Nothing particular, cooked tomatoes have been hard to handle this week as well as milk products, a little of the nausea returned but definitely handlable.
Gender: Feeling girl, simply because I physically feel so different this time.
Labor Signs: Nope.
Belly button in or out: Getting more obvious by the day. Chris tries really hard to not looked grossed out when it's visible through my shirt.
What I am Looking Forward too: Finding out what we are having!
Daddy: Getting ready, not for the new little person we're going to be living with very shortly, but for classes that start for him in a few weeks. (He's going back for his Master's, yay Chris!) He's a first born and gets tense over things like tests and studying...not me! I loved school because of all the new pens and notebooks that came with it. That's why we've decided that Otto is a second born, not a first. Can't have him stressing over the small stuff!
Otto: Sadly caught a cold when we got home from East Texas. For the last few days he has eaten all of about three bites:( I'm pretty sure you can see him loosing weight poor kiddo. We've tried just about everything to entice his appetite but he's just not hungry. Hopefully he'll recover quickly and start eating again soon! And to add insult to injury his last canine just broke through today. (Bottom right, the left came in the day we got home from Thanksgiving.)
And just for fun. We're at that strange stage of pregnancy (heck, it's all strange) where your stomach muscles can't decided if they are going to tough it out or just give up the fight. Depending on the time of day my profile varies from the above picture to one of these:)
Left: Sucking it in with all my might. Right: Completely relaxed. Even my face looks fatter:(

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Twenty-one Weeks}

The Highlights:
How far along: Twenty-one weeks!
How big is baby: Three quarters of a pound, about the size carrot in length.
Weight gain/loss: Somewhere between 5-10 pounds up, depends on the time of day I weigh...mornings only from now on!
Maternity clothes: Belly band is back in use, because while my pants still button they are very, very uncomfortable.
Stretch marks: I should just delete this section, there is no way they are going to go away...but then, they could always get worse...
Sleep: Better this week. 
Movement: A little more powerful over the last few days. I was driving home and questioning exactly what I had eaten, there was some painful gurgling going on...then I remember I'm pregnant:) Apparently Baby Dos is not a fan of the seat belt infringing on his/her space and was letting me know with a roundhouse kick to my intestines.
Food Cravings: Today I've been jonesin' for Wheat Thins and cheddar cheese...there aren't any in the house and I am NOT going to the store for them; holiday shoppers are crazy!
Gender: Leaning more girl lately? When Otto gets to invasive with his belly button poking (belly buttons are his thing right now) the baby kicks him. I'm just fine with his younger sibling learning to defend itself early.
Labor Signs: Occasional Braxton Hicks, but trust me people...they aren't labor!
Belly button in or out: Hanging in there...barely.
What I am Looking Forward too: Christmas with our families!
Daddy: He's chill. Keeps those emotions locked down. The only real reaction I got out of him this week was when I told him I needed to have a good cry, that scared him a little. (I took a nap instead, all good.)
Otto: Proving to be more and more of a little boy every day. Still has no idea of what is about to happen in his world. Today while I was getting ready he was running around the bathroom brushing his hair, hiding my toothpaste, typical morning routine. In the mirror I caught him sneaking towards the toilet and quickly reminded him that that is a no-no. He grinned at me and ran in the other direction. I thought we were in the clear...I should know better. We finished up and headed out the door to run a few final Christmas errands. When we got home it was lunch and nap time for us both. I didn't go back into the master bath until after two pm where I found this: a brand new, fully saturated roll of toilet paper.

Neighbor Visit

We have a very sweet retired couple that lives next door. They think Otto is the greatest (such good taste!) and don't mind at all when he decides that their front yard is better for exploring than ours. Last night they brought him a Christmas gift and we had him open it while they were over.
He was a little hesitant to open it at first, I think he sure tearing the paper would be a no-no, but he quickly got the hang of it with a little encouragement.

A race car! Woo!
When he realized that the car was motorized he stopped unwrapping the gift and started trying to take it out of the box:) Jay picked it out because he knows that Otto is an adventurous little boy and enjoys big kid toys; for kids three and up! It lights up and does several different sirens while the back tires spin. Dianne was super sweet and made sure to bring spare batteries;)

He LOVES it! It was the first thing that he looked for this morning and while I was making breakfast he introduced it to his bff, the broom. I think it's a keeper! Thanks Jay and Dianne!

(Working on a 21 week post, hopefully it will be up tonight or early in the morning! 21 weeks, the downward slope!)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Miniature Golf

Yesterday we finally used a Groupon that we purchased last summer. The weather was way to hot over the summer, and in the last few weeks way to cold and rainy for outdoor activities, but yesterday was beautiful. I'm glad we went, the course is pretty close to our house and was really well designed.
Otto was so excited to be outside and spent more time running in circles than he did on the greens, but I think he had a great time too.

His definition of putt-putt is more of a drop and retrieve over hitting the ball, but it works. Hole in one every time!
He did humor us a few times and practice his swing:)

Otto finished in first, Chris a well deserved second, and Baby Dos and I were third:)

PS: If you wake up to the little voice on the baby monitor saying, "Hiiii, stint-ty.", send Daddy.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Fun in the Kitchen

Otto LOVES to help in the kitchen. Loading the dishwasher, sweeping, and especially mixing anything that's cooking. He heat checks everything and generally pronounces it 'Hot!'.

Yesterday he was helping while I was loading the dish washer. Generally I try to do this while he is sleeping because he has a hard time resisting the lure of the silverware tray and will grab a dirty utensil and run away as fast as he can. But yesterday he woke up more quickly than I was expecting and was trying to 'help'. We had several eye to eye 'No touch, yuck dirty.' discussions before I finally took him to the couch and turned on an episode of Yo Gabba Gabba. (Buys about 4 1/2 minutes of time) I finished up, added soap, and let him push start. This morning while unloading I discovered this:
A very clean, and surprisingly not dead, headless electric razor. I'm not sure how he managed to slip in it, but apparently he must have thought it could use a thorough washing too.

Today after breakfast Otto helped make a special treat for his Uncle Michael who broke his leg last weekend at a soccer tournament. We made cookies and Otto loved measuring and mixing the ingredients. While they were baking he played in his fort. (Diaper box from Amazon that has been taking up space in the living room for two weeks because he loves it.) 
He also kept running to the oven to check the cookies progress and remind me that he was going to need a sample when they were done. This was illustrated by him saying, 'Hot, hot' and licking his lips.
He did get to try them when they were done because he stung together his first sentence by saying, 'Hot! Took-tee pleash?' It was too cute not to reward:)

Hope you enjoy them Michael and heal quickly!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Afternoon on the East Side

Yesterday Chris was able to leave work after lunch and we took a trip to Richardson/Frisco. My parents were spending the day with my grandparents and we stopped by to say hello too. 
My Dad and his sister Becky with Otto
Otto was quite a trooper for having missed most of his nap, and was very busy exploring my grandparents house and yard (in the rain!). If we had stayed any longer I'm sure he would have figured out how to open the front door, he is almost tall enough.
My sweet Gaw-Gaw has had a rough couple of days but was feeling much better and thought Otto was very amusing. Otto, sadly, wasn't into posing for pictures. This is as good as it got:
Gaw-Gaw, my Mom, and Otto
But most looked like this:
Or this:
Otto with his Great-Nana
We spent a few hours chasing Otto around their house before heading to Ikea. A few things on Otto's Christmas list were available in store only. Chris humored me and I wondered the entire store instead of going directly to the kids department, such a fun place to explore!

After Ikea we got to have dinner with Dave!
Otto was worn out after our late night (got home at nine! Late for us;)) and slept until 8:45 this morning. While I've been working on this post he has eaten his breakfast and gotten ready for his day, complete with shaving his peach fuzz. (Using one of Chris' old, now blade less, electric razors.)

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Ultrasound results!

There's been a lot of excitement building to find out what we are having. On Thursday night I sent around a text to family, "Okay peeps, send me a picture styling your team pink or blue outfit! Best outfit gets to know first! (Everyone else will be getting the results via SNAIL MAIL!)" There were some fantastic results. Blog worthy images.

There were lots of Team Pinks:
My Dad and Abbey
My Father-in-law (Most creative!)
Juan and Lisa
Sarah and Hannah (Fastest to respond, bonus points!)
And a few Team Blue's:
Israel and my Mom
At the appointment Otto styled his 'Big Brother' shirt:)

It was so hard to decide who to tell first. I mean, seriously there were some great pictures:) But our new little person made the decision for us. So without further ado, it's a.....











Healthy human!
Baby Dos sucking it's thumb

A healthy modest human who was having none of our intrusive peaking:) Strangely enough, I'm okay with not knowing. It's almost like I expected this to happen. Our obstetrician wasn't happy with the quality of the pictures of Baby Dos' heart so we'll do a retake of those images next month and possibly find out what we are having then. :)

Sorry family, come back later!

PS: Chris is SURE he saw obvious girl, but this was after we had to show him his/her face so....

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Lydia the Pregnant Lady {Nineteen Weeks}

The Highlights:
How far along: Nineteen weeks!
How big is baby: Half a pound, about the size of a large tomato.
Weight gain/loss: According to my scale, up about five pounds. In a week! Yikes. Maybe it's broken...
Maternity clothes: Still avoiding.
Stretch marks: Definitely not going away:)
Sleep: Comes and goes. Not very restful right now, crazy dreams and insomnia are kicking my butt.
Movement: Sporadic, at least once a day though, which is very reassuring. Still very light and short in duration.
Food Cravings: I really, really needed a Dr Pepper this week, in desperation I tried the caffeine free version. Eh, it worked to kill the craving but the blood sugar crash that followed was terrible! Truly isn't as good with out the caffeine:(
Gender: I took several online tests today (getting ready for tomorrow) and they all said boy. We'll see!
Labor Signs: Nope, nope.
Belly button in or out: Oh, it's out. There was one day this week you could see it through my shirt.
What I am Looking Forward too: Tomorrow! Anatomy ultrasound.
Daddy: I think he's excited for tomorrow too:) First time he'll get a peak at this baby which is always fun, and then he gets to have lunch with his main peeps! And get this, he gained five pounds too! Woo! (Either that or the scale really is broken.)
Otto: We went to Target this week to pick up a few things and wandered through the toy department. Otto is getting a baby doll as one of his Christmas presents (to practice his nurturing skills). Sadly our search didn't go that well, the only doll he didn't bite in the face and then throw on the floor was, get this, the Cabbage Patch doll dress as a puppy. Yeah, we might need a whole lot more practice than I thought. He's getting a sibling not a dog. 
In other news, tomorrow is the big day! Somehow we were able to schedule our twenty week appointment a week early AND we have an anatomy ultrasound before we see the obstetrician:) This is going to be the first appointment that Chris has been able to make (fingers crossed that his work schedule doesn't change!) and we are taking Otto with us. I am super excited!

This pregnancy has had some differences from Otto's, but that's the only indication I've had that this could be a girl instead of another little boy. (More controllable morning sickness, no weight loss at the beginning, this baby is less active...) But then all the differences could just be because I've done this before and my body has wised up a little, who knows? We'll hopefully find out tomorrow! (And either way we'll be thrilled, healthy baby is the goal!)

And one more picture just for fun, Otto and his trusty hairbrush:)

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Otto at 16 Months

Otto is growing so fast. It's hard to believe he is already so close to being a year and a half! The last month has really been big for communication development. He started using the signs he knows again after a few months of boycotting. Mainly with people that he doesn't see everyday, but occasionally he will sign more or want to us as well. He copies just about anything you say or tries to...He has his own version of I love you ("Eyyyye la!"), can tell you your facial features and includes the names (Eye, mao, nose, ears), can say Mommy but doesn't use it unprompted, he can however, say 'tandee!' (candy) and does every time he sees me sneaking around with M&M's. He also has started using 'poon' for his favorite thing, spoons.

We tried finger painting last week, which wasn't as big of hit as I thought it would be...something about being told every three seconds not to eat the paint was a turn off for him;) Maybe in a couple of months.
He was, however, very interested in painting the refrigerator, so maybe an easel would help?
He is desperately trying to learn to jump and has every thing down except actual liftoff. He squats low and then straightens quickly to an attention position complete with the 'Wow, I did it.' face. So very cute. One of the things I need to get on video.

Brooms are still one of his best friends. Yesterday we were cleaning up after lunch when he and his buddy decided to get comfy on the couch. (I ran for the camera because he was actually holding it in his lap and giving it hugs, but he had propped it up neatly by the time I had the camera ready.)
He loves to be big. Anything you can do, he is sure he can do as well. :) At breakfast he always makes sure to check to make sure his bite isn't hot before eating it, blowing on it just like we do. If we are sitting on the couch or at the dining room table, he wants to as well. Thankfully, he is starting to understand that standing on the furniture isn't allowed and will 'sit like a big boy' with a grin on his face. He helps when getting dressed and can get his arms and legs into footie pajamas. (But not out yet!)
Male bonding time with Daddy
These last two pictures were taken before Halloween, (i.e. pre-haircut fiasco, and immediately following the catch Mommy's finger nail with your face accident) but I wanted to post them so they aren't lost in the files on my computer.