Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Out for Dinner!

We had dinner at Whataburger tonight thanks to the Twelve Days of Christmas promotion they have going on. Google it! They send you a coupon every other day for a freebie!

Otto got to sit in a big kid seat and people watch:)
'Not in public Dad, you're embarrassing me!'

Chris had a burger...he's not much of a chicken fan. Unless it's cooked by Juan:)
I had chicken, and so did everyone else in the restaurant. Pretty tasty.

And Otto had giraffe. :)

Hope you all had a wonderful day!


  1. what happened to Mr. Otto's face? Did he get into his first altercation with the giraffe?

  2. I keep dreaming about you kid! :) He's just to nice...

  3. DON"T TELL me you're going to just wait until the next get-together or Holiday! Before you post a new update??!!
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