Thursday, December 9, 2010

Nineteen Weeks Four Days

Alternatively titled, Pictures of Otto (not Groceries)!

Look how big my munchkin is getting!
While he is still deliciously squeezable, he is rapidly loosing his chubbiness. He seems to get taller and more toddlerish by the day; how is this possible? He's only four months old!

He is one busy little guy. If he's awake, he's moving, and generally in the direction of something electronic. Phones, televisions, remotes,  and laptops fascinate him. He grins ear to ear when I let him 'talk' to someone on the the phone. He is also a blabber mouth; he even talks while he's nursing:) He also holds my nose, which is awkward. Very awkward.
His 'Look what I can do!' face.
Rolling over is old news to him, but he still gets stuck on his belly. Yesterday I flipped him  to his back at least seventeen times. He can sit up for about three seconds before toppling over and his arms are just about strong enough to support him in a tripod.
Teeth are not his friends right now. He chews on everything in sight, but is particularly fond of Sophie the giraffe. When getting strapped into his car seat he will lift his head up and look around until he finds her:) Very, very cute. 

He's a very happy boy. Grumpiness from Otto is a sign that something is wrong, or he is hurting. Otto the grouch emerges if I eat milk products...poor thing still can't handle them at all.  And speaking of eating, he is back to nursing at least once during the night but still isn't associating solids with hunger/eating. Which is a good thing, because we hope to wait at least another four weeks before introducing solids.
We think he is pretty much the bomb diggitty! Don't you?


  1. Adorable!

    He looks a bit like Michael in the pictures with the blue shirt, which is awesome as Michael is the cutest!

  2. He is adorable...cutest little boy I have seen in say...nine years.!!!

  3. Very very cute guy!! Oh did I tell you I was his grandma... (Minky)

  4. He is such a CUTIE!!! I think the first pictures of him, in the striped outfit, look so much like Chris!! I agree with Sarah, he does look a bit like Michael in the blue shirt. =) He is just suck a handsome feller!! What do I expect, though, when he comes from so many good looking guys!!!

  5. I bet he did get his good looks from me! ;)