Tuesday, December 21, 2010


Otto is absolutely loving his jumperoo, definitely his toy of choice these days. Sometimes when you are holding/playing with him, he'll turn his head and stare at it. He'll even launch himself at it when you get to close; the boy loves his jumperoo. (Don't worry Mom, he still gets plenty of tummy time too, he would just much prefer to be jumping.)
This morning I told him that his cousin, Addy, had started walking. This was his reaction. (Thanks for posting the video Jackie, it made my morning!)
"She what?! Wow!"
His hair is going nuts these days, what little he has will stand straight up! Maybe it's going to be curly? 
The poor guy has a little cough, which is sad, I hope he's not sick for his first Christmas. We have places to go and people to see! And I know he's excited about it. It's probably why he got up at 5:45 this morning thinking it was time to get up. Christmas morning might come very very early, get ready Michael and Abbey. 
Such a sad little cough, good thing he thinks it's funny:)  (Is he coughing or trying to hail a taxi?)

When he starts making this face we know it time to take him out. :)

PS: I've made a new blog page to post pictures of my problem hobby shopping trips. This way I can keep WeldyWhatnot all Otto all the time, and WeldyWantnot (hilarious, no?) can be all about groceries. My family can chill and stop complaining about 'yet another post without an Otto picture' and if I ever print this blog for his baby book it won't have of the pantry in it...win win!


  1. Hahah! Love him! Can't wait for him to come down. But I guess I have to. :(
    Man of many faces! :)