Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Hey Mom! Guess what?!

No cavities! :) :) :)

I had my teeth cleaned today got an A+ on my check-up! *fist pump* Glad the two years in hygiene school are paying off. :) Our dental office is right next to Chris' office and so he came over and watched Otto during my appointment.

I wanted to post the grocery deals I got this week because the sales change tomorrow! (If anyone wants to copy them, today is the day!)

Target for 3.10! I found all these deals on MyDallasMommy, except for the Market Pantry rotel, for that I used the 1.50 catalina that printed after paying last week.

Kroger for 13.19! The cookie mixes were free, and do you see the coupon on the box? It's like they are encouraging my habit. I don't need any encouragement, I have a big enough problem as it is!

In other news, maybe I'll get a life soon and stop being so excited about the seventy billion trips to the grocery store I make. (but I probably won't stop making them...) Chris got me a sewing machine for Christmas, so start looking for 'Look what I made!' posts. (Most likely lopsided curtains and simple seamed tote bags.)

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  1. Again...amazing how much alike we are...I want to take up sewing just because I am bored. D refuses to teach me...I think he is tiring of my ever-changing hobbies!!!