Friday, December 3, 2010

Grocery Deals of the Week

This week in addition to the 22.58 I spent on the essentials, I made the following purchases:

(People, I have a problem. We could have made our entire weeks meals with that initial shop, but no, I HAD to buy all the other great deals around town....I swear, in a few years I'll be on Hoarders for turning the spare room into pantry!)

Target for 3.10. I went in for the Campbell's soups and someone had left a coupon for 1.50 off three Market Pantry items in the buggy we used. WOOT! They were on sale for .70 cents each, and after I paid another one printed! (Good on any Target brand product.)

Kroger for 10.36! Chris' snack drawer at work is going to be replenished:)

Albertson's for 5.94. I only paid for the meat!
I went over my self imposed budget by 4.98, but three dollars of that was a paper for more coupons! Our freezer is now stocked with beef, chicken, and pork so hopefully next week I'll be able to stay within budget...we'll see;)

I also bought the ingredients to make laundry soap. No kidding. (Not edible, so I'm calling it a household expense, and therefore doesn't come out of the grocery budget.) Otto is a pretty sensitive guy when it comes to perfumes and foods, and laundry soap is expensive so hopefully this will be a win win. I'll keep you posted, it could turn out to be a disaster:)

 PS: If you click on the name of the store it will take you to a link explaining the deals!

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