Monday, December 13, 2010

Eek! Has it really been four days?

We've had a fun last few days. Family came to visit (Angela and Justin), we finished moving out of our apartment (don't ask), my Christmas present came in the mail and Chris let me open it, and today OTTO GOT HIS FIRST TOOTH! I cried over the last one. And I have no idea why, I just did.

Something had been off about him all day, I almost thought he was getting sick, so I'm relieved to know the cause. Poor guy, this teething business is hard work! He's been a total grouch, exhausted but fighting naps and bedtime, and a terrible eater. Maybe now that it (sharp little thing!) has broken the surface he will have a little reprieve?

No pictures, I can't get him to stop chewing on everything long enough to prop his mouth open for a picture. Maybe this weekend when Chris is home we'll both gang up on him and get one:)

Angela (Aunt Lala) and her husband Justin spent the night with us on Saturday. I'm so glad they came to see us! Otto loved the extra attention:)

See the fingers? They are in his mouth 98% of the time. The other 2% he's chewing on the coffee table.

PS: On our way to vacuum and do a final check of the apartment we saw a beaver. Like an alive, wild beaver just waddling across the road. In the middle of the city. Weirdness.

PPS: Otto is feeling much better, he took a long nap this afternoon and when Chris got home he perked right up...hmmm, I wonder who his favorite person is?


  1. I still contend that his favorite person is Angela ;)

  2. I cried after that last one too, :P OOH! OO!! I know who his favorite person isssss, meeeee! ;)