Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Christmas 2010 (Part Two)

Friday night, Christmas eve, at bedtime we put Otto in his pajamas and drove to my parents. (About 35 minutes away) He napped on the way and was ready to party when we got there. We traditionally open one gift on Christmas Eve, here's Otto opening his! He was surprisingly good at tearing paper:)

He also loved the Christmas tree, both at my parents and at Juan and Lisa's. He normally grabs whatever is in reach and tries to get it into his mouth, but with the trees he just wanted to touch. So cute!
What is this thing?!
I went the homemade route with a lot of gifts this year, but totally got shown up by my little sister. She just turned 14 in November, and stinkin' made all but one of her gifts! Otto and Chris got matching hats, Hannah's cats received crocheted toys that look like mice, and Sam and Michael got these:
Michael and his mo-hawk hat!
Bearded Samuel.
Aren't those just hysterical?! She's crazy skilled, I tell patterns, just looked at a picture and made them.
Israel got several humorous t-shirts to add to his collection, somehow we made it home with the one that says, 'There's nothing to fear except fear itself, and spiders.' So true. Israel, the mighty hunter, abhors spiders. 
Michael was a wee bit excited about opening his stocking. This is probably related to the seventy billion sodas he drank.  
Five/ninths of my family:)
Otto and his Aunt Abbey:)
Most of these photo's I sweet talked out of Sarah because I totally slacked on picture taking. This is the one she sent of herself and Kyle.

Apparently photographers are picky about pictures of themselves?

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