Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010 (Part One)

We had a fantastic Christmas this year! Because our families live relatively close to one another we got to spend a little time with each of them. We celebrated Christmas as a family on Thursday morning before heading to East Texas. Our first stop was Juan and Lisa's (Chris' parents), where we spent the night. Angela and Justin joined us on Friday for presents and delicious food.
Otto got in lots of quality cuddle time and even took reasonable naps, much better than I thought he would. I love this picture, he makes this face all the time! Playing with his new tooth:)
Otto and Aunt Lala
Look at those cheeks!
Aunt Lala brought her iPad, which has a storybook app. Obviously, it was awesome.
Gasp! Justin holding a baby! A baby who likes to munch on everything.

Nana playing Angry Birds; probably my favorite app right now.
Otto absolutely LOVES his Papa. (We all do!)

Juan cooked a terrific meal, which varied from the traditional fare because his high maintenance grandson still can't handle dairy. We had baked chicken with a pear glaze (delicious!), steamed vegetables and potatoes.  Very, very, good. Juan, you are welcome to 'practice' your American fare at my house anytime!

He also taught Justin how to make queso. I eavesdropped because something is always missing when I try to make it, but don't worry, I have the secret now.
My super sweet in-laws, aren't they the cutest?
Lisa (and Juan!) made Otto an awesome toy box. I know he will love playing with it for years to come. I'll get a picture of it tomorrow, it's amazing! 

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  1. We had a great time(Juan & I) building that toy box and hope Otto's grandchildren get to enjoy it as well. So glad you are back up and blogging, I missed you! :)