Saturday, December 4, 2010

Bradley Babies!

This morning we met up with the other couples from our Bradley Birthing class. Everyone has had their babies now, and it was great to get together and meet the munchkins!

Let's start with a family overview:

The Connelly's! (Jess also has a blog, you can read it here.)
Ben, Jess, and Charlotte Joy
The Ellison's!
Jefferie, Kala, and Joss Marie
 The Strange's! (Alan was at work)
Sarah and William

The O'Brien's! (They also have two other little girls, Madalyn and Molly Ann. And Wendi was our Bradley instructor.)

Wendi, Kevin, and Claire Elyse
And us!
We told our birth stories and snuggled babies and ate birthday cake to celebrate everyones little ones arriving safely.

And I realized something...My baby's love language? Touch. That, or he's a busybody and extremely into everybody's business. Probably the later. Or maybe both.

Home dude was everywhere. Reaching to be held by anybody who passed by, trying to grab/touch/chew on the other babies, going ninety to nothing the entire time we were there. He is SO active; busy all the time. I guess I hadn't really noticed it before because during the day it's just the two of us..and there aren't a lot of babies around to compare him too. But today, seeing him with other little guys his age, I could really see a difference. He is all boy. The little girls politely played and even took naps, while Otto was reaching, grabbing, and karate chopping the whole visit. (And I'm pretty sure he would have used them as a chew toy if he had gotten close enough.)

Apparently, Otto is going to be a very active little man...I might be in trouble here, he can't even sit up yet and I'm already exhausted. Does anyone know of a infant track or soccer team in our area? I think were going to need it.

And speaking of babies who are 100% boy, William (in the above picture) took a tumble off the bed this morning and got his first battle wound. I think he was significantly less traumatized than his mother was.  (Pretty cute with the band-aid though!)

Otto meeting Joss

He was very excited, she was not. :)

Otto and Charlotte, whose feet must have looked mighty tasty!
The boys being boys:)
 And here are a few more pictures that I took!
The Daddies with their little ones!

Pretty little Charlotte who must be working on some teeth.

Otto too busy to look at the camera.

Joss and her amazing eyelashes!
All the babies! Starting with Otto (and going clockwise) they are Charlotte (three months), William (six months), Joss (four months, only two days younger than Otto), and Claire (almost three months). Beautiful, aren't they? 

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  1. Unfortunately one of the babies is more cute than the others... ;) hehe. No, of course I'm not biased... :)