Monday, December 20, 2010

Baby Legs!

I've been testing out my Christmas gift from Chris, and decided to start with something simple, baby legs! (One four inch seam and I still broke out into a sweat. Abbey, I'm really going to need some lessons.)

Aren't they fun?
Chris says they are a little bit girly, but whatevs. Otto is not going to be wearing them in public and they are perfect for practicing crawling! And I think they are adorable:) 
And so is my baby. Seriously I'm biased to the max, but he's beyond amazing in my eyes!

Practicing his 'Mmmmm' sound.

Then I gave the elephant back to him...poor thing didn't stand a chance.
Chris is also really enjoying the sewing machine. I took a nap on Saturday afternoon and woke up to find him making a seat cover for his truck. No lie. And it looks halfway decent, especially for someone who had never sewn before. I married a man of many talents.

Here he is destructing a canned drink cooler to make a iPod case. Down right crafty, I tell you.


  1. O00oooO0oH!
    Such a cute Baby!
    hahaa, good job Chris!
    Thanks for the new post Lydia!

  2. I wondered where the sewing machine was going to's still true today that a stitch in time saves thats not crafty so much as practical, whch I LOVE.