Sunday, November 21, 2010


Tonight we went for a walk at the middle school near our neighborhood. Well, Otto and I walked, Chris ran. Crazy man. The munchkin and I have been taking walks in our neighborhood (on the sidewalks!), but Chris wanted to be able to measure the exact distance, so off to the track we went!
Wanna know why I look so happy in this picture?! Those are PRE-BABY jeans people!!! It's taken four months and a ridiciously high calorie diet to get to this point, but they fit! And the timing is perfect, it's getting too cold to run around in sundresses and shorts. (Only things that have fit up until this point.)  I still have a ways to go before I'm back to normal weight, but these jeans button and that's a start. :)

My men before. Isn't Otto's sweater vest darling?
 Playing rocket ship baby. This was right before a blast off:)
 I talked Chris into showing me a racing start and he enough of a sense of humor to let me post the pictures.
 Mad skills, I tell you, mad skills.
 Otto has really started to enjoy the stroller, and it really wears him out, double score!
Run, Daddy, run!


  1. Haha, Tell Chris we should do that marathon thing Tyler Rose Tri. It's like a year from now, I say we should! :) Bet you can't get back to running a mile in 5 min... :)

  2. ok so what did you do?! I have 2 more months before Reid is 4 months old and I wanna be back in my jeans too! However, it wasn't just my belly that grew during pregnancy, it was my thighs and butt too! Tell me you have some miracle!